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New, Free Learning and Training Opportunities
As part of our constant effort to support and educate our customers, we're pleased to announce we are now offering our customers complimentary webinars. We'll cover various topics periodically throughout the year, all of which will be relevant to our customer base. If you have a topic to suggest, we encourage you to let us know about it. In the coming months our online learning opportunities will address topics such as pipe marking, mine safety, GHS, NFPA standards, OSHA standards, and more. For those of you who aren't familiar with webinars, a webinar is an online seminar that allows individuals from around the world to connect in a virtual classroom and share information via the internet. We encourage you to register for our next event.

Webinars On Demand

Increasing 5S Effectiveness with Floor Marking / Wayfinding

watch Floor Marking webinar

Floor marking and wayfinding programs not only enhance safety, they can increase the effectiveness of a 5S program. An environment full of visual cues will improve organization. This helps with both the "Set in Order" step as well as "Sustain."

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Pipe Marking 101

watch Pipe Marking webinar

This webinar provides valuable information for anyone involved with visual communication, compliance and safety. Identification of the materials contained in a pipe and the direction of flow can prevent accidents, personal injury and costly equipment repairs. Pipe identification is also vital for emergency personnel responding to on-site incidents.

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Become a Master of 5S Webinar

5S Webinar

Lean Manufacturing processes continue to gain popularity for the positive impact they have on efficiency and productivity. Of all the Lean Manufacturing practices, 5S is the most easily implemented and provides a sound foundation for launching more complex Lean programs in the future.

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GHS Webinar

GHS Webinar

GHS, the Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling chemicals has been steadily gaining momentum as an established universal standard for all countries.

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New Standards for Arc Flash Labeling

Arc Flash Webinar

New 2012 NFPA 70E labeling standards for arc flash now require much more information and specify more labeling locations than the old 2009 standards. Learn about the new changes as Eric Johnson explains what the labels must now display and where they must go.

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