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Product Traceability

Metal Detectable Labels
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DuraLabel Metal Detectable Labels provide a traceability system that also allows product contamination to be detected.

Product traceability means to have complete information about a product, and all components, through every step in the production process – from the source of the product components to the final customer.   The entire history of a product is documented. 

Reverse product traceability means having the ability to trace the production of the product in reverse, from the final customer back to the initial ingredients or components used in each stage of the manufacturing process.

In a production process it may also be important to have batch traceability.  This allows the complete history of a batch to be recorded and traced through the production process.  Batch traceability is used to monitor production quality and evaluate production efficiency, and in some cases is required by  GMP.

Product traceability, as well as batch traceability, is frequently accomplished through the use of bar code labels.

metal detectable tape

When bar code labels are used in industries such as meat packing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals there are concerns about the potential for product contamination from the label.  When using a traceability system in these industries, using metal detectable labels for bar coding becomes an important criteria.

No matter how good the label quality is, there is the potential for small parts of the label used for traceability to be chipped or broken off. Should contamination from a label happen, detecting it as early as possible is critical.  Using metal detectable labels allows the contamination to be detected using a metal detector.

DuraLabel Metal Detectable labels include a component that allows even small pieces to be found by a metal detector. This provides assurance that contamination from your product traceability system labels  will not go unnoticed.

DuraLabel Metal Detectable tapes, and a DuraLabel printer, are used to create tough, rugged custom bar code labels for traceability.  Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information about DuraLabel printers and supplies.

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