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Product Traceability – Specialty Labeling Materials Provide Security

Metal Detectable Labels
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The need for product traceability is growing to include brand protection, reputation management and security issues.

An example is the pharmaceutical industry. Issues such as counterfeit drugs, diversion of products, theft and illicit use are causing problems throughout the supply chain. Sales are lost to drugs re-entering the U.S. from lower price areas of the world. The brand reputation is damaged, and people are put at risk, by counterfeit drugs.  Theft of entire truck loads of product happen more frequently than we realize.  Being able to securely trace product from production through to the final customer is a key goal for pharmaceutical companies.

These issues are not limited to pharmaceuticals. The chip and electronics industry faces similar problems. Being able to trace products is important in a number of industries.

A different type of product traceability issue results from the European Union requiring the traceability and labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition, any product that includes a GMO must be traceable. The reason is not only for food safety, but E.U. wants to be able to monitor the effects of GMOs on public health and the environment.  Should a problem arise they want the ability to identify the geographical areas in which the GMO has been distributed and be able to recall the product from the market.

Bar code labels are commonly used to identify product and provide traceability it through production and distribution.  DuraLabel makes a number of labeling materials that are used to make secure, effective product traceability labels and tags.

DuraLabel Custom UV Watermark - Product Traceability Labels

This is a label material that includes a custom watermark that can only be seen under UV light.  In ordinary light the label appears to be a normal label.  When viewed using UV light the watermark becomes visible.

Your watermark can be any custom text or line art you wish, including your logo, contact information and special codes.

DuraLabel Custom UV Watermarked supplies are available in white or clear tapes, in widths from ½ inch to 4 inches.

metal security detectable tape

Tamper-Evident "VOID" Labels

When this label is removed part of the label remains on the original object -- the word "VOID" is left behind and appears as a clear area in the label. This prevents the label from being removed and re-used.

Tamper-Evident Destructible Labels

When this label is removed the label falls apart into fragments. This prevents the label from being removed and re-used.

Metal Detectable Labels

This labeling material is used when there is a need to maintain product purity. Should a label be damaged and small chips or fragments fall into the product, they can be detected by a metal detector.

DuraLabel has all of these types of supplies available for DuraLabel printers. With more than 50 types of supplies available, more than are available for any other brand of label printer, DuraLabel has the right supply for the job. Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information about DuraLabel printers and supplies.

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