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LN2 Poly Labels – Medical & Laboratory Short Term Storage

LN2 Poly label samples
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Short-term medical and laboratory storage requirements, as well as GMP, may specify storage at ultra-low temperatures (-70°C to -80°C).   Labels identifying the material and describing the required storage conditions, including temperature, humidity, light, etc., should be used.  The labels must not only be able to survive the ultra-low temperatures, but they must remain clear and sharp enough to ensure reliable bar code scanning after repeated ultra-low temperature storage periods.

When ultra-low temperature storage is required, labels made with DuraLabel LN2 Poly are often the best option. Medical and laboratory labels made with DuraLabel LN2 Poly supply work at temperatures as low as -80°C (-112°F ) and provide reliable labeling of specimens, pharmaceuticals, trial materials, forensic samples, biological samples and small molecules.

Medical and laboratory requirements for ultra-low storage temperatures present unique labeling challenges, in particular for the label adhesive. With DuraLabel LN2 Poly supply your labels will have an acrylic adhesive that withstands temperatures as low as -80°C, as well as being resistant to moisture. Your ultra-low temperature labels will provide reliable performance on both high energy and low energy surfaces, eliminating the need to match the label material to the surface type.

DuraLabel LN2 Poly supply has a 2.3-mil top coat designed for outstanding performance when used with a thermal transfer printer. This extra-smooth top-coat produces and maintains the fine details in printed images, even at extreme low temperatures. That means your ultra-low temperature labels can have bar codes that can be reliably scanned, even after extended times in ultra-low temperature storage.  The topcoat is smudge and abrasion resistant for long-term reliable service.

extreme temperature label tape

For medical labeling and laboratory labeling, select DuraLabel LN2 Poly labeling supply. Its service temperature range of  -112°F to 176°F  (-80°C to +80°C) allows you to use it as the standard labeling material that you can count on for reliable labels under all conditions.

Call 1-888-326-9244 for information about the complete line of DuraLabel labeling supplies. With more than 50 types of labeling supplies available, DuraLabel printers have more types of supplies than any other thermal transfer printer.  From cryogenic labels to extreme high temperature labels, DuraLabel has the right labeling supply to get the job done right.  Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information.

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