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LN2 Poly – Making Extreme Low Outdoor Temperature Labels

LN2 Poly label samples
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When using equipment and machinery in locations with extreme low temperatures, DuraLabel LN2 Poly labeling supply is the right answer.

Low temperature labeling supplies are available for reliable service at temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F ). But if there is the possibility of exposure to lower temperatures, then DuraLabel LN2 Poly supply should be used. It provides reliable service at temperatures as low as  -80°C (-112°F ).

Low temperature labels are for use in the bioresearch, healthcare and food manufacturing industries.

DuraLabel LN2 Poly provides excellent year-round service where temperatures range from -112°F to +176°F  (-80°C to +80°C).  Applications include pipe marking (including flanges, valves and actuators), equipment identification, OSHA safety signs, and way-finding (including building and shed identification).

At extreme low temperatures (below -40) several problems may result in label failure, with adhesive failure being the most common.  At low temperatures the label adhesive can become hard and brittle allowing low-level forces to cause separation of portions of the label from the base surface. Labels made using DuraLabel LN2 Poly have a special low-temperature acrylic adhesive that continues to provide a strong bond at extreme low outdoor temperatures.

    extreme low temperature label tape

In addition, the adhesive is formulated to strongly adhere to both high-energy and low-energy surfaces, providing versatility in how it may be used.

When labeling must survive severely cold temperatures, DuraLabel LN2 Tapes provides lasting identification and adhesion.

Print quality and durability depends on the topcoat. With DuraLabel LN2 Poly a durable 2.3-mil gloss topcoat results in sharp, clear printing that maintains even fine details. This means DuraLabel LN2 Poly can be used for making reliable bar code labels that will survive extreme low outdoor temperatures.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about low temperature outdoor labeling.  With over 50 types of labeling supplies, DuraLabel has the right labeling material to get the job done right.

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