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Durachem – Industrial Strength Labels For Industrial Strength Environments

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Labels and signs provide important information for safety, about procedures, and to identify equipment and locations. But sometimes the perfect location for a label is a location that, at times, is exposed to chemicals, wash downs or other types of solutions.  Some processes are messy. Some require equipment to be regularly cleaned.  Sometimes oil, grease or exposure to solvents can't be avoided.  That's when you need custom labels and signs made with DuraChem supplies.

DuraChem is a DuraLabel supply that provides a combination of a label material and special ribbon that are used in your DuraLabel printer to create labels and signs that provide extreme resistance to chemicals and other substances.

DuraChem supply was created for demanding environments requiring premium performance from a pressure-sensitive label.  For example, labels made with DuraChem supply can withstand full immersions in substances such as MEK, IPA, acetone, xylene and brake fluid.

chemical resistant labels on lab slides The DuraChem label tape is formed  using a base layer of polyester. A unique proprietary topcoat is layered on the surface of the polyester. The chemical properties of the top coat result in it binding with the proprietary ink from the DuraChem ribbon.  DuraChem is more than ink being transfered to a label material, there is an actual chemical bonding that takes place between the ink and label topcoat.  This results in high quality printing that is extremely chemically resistant.

The high quality of the printing with DuraChems supplies means that it excellent for bar code labels, as well as any other type of label requiring fine detail and resistance to a harsh environment.

A common point of label failure is the failure of the adhesive. DuraChem label tape uses a proprietary  acrylic based adhesive that provides extraordinary resistance to chemicals and harsh environments. It is formulated to be an all-purpose adhesive, adhering well to low & high energy plastics, metals, powder coated paint and polycarbonate surfaces.

When selecting a labeling material for a harsh environment, the ability to resist abrasion should also be taken into consideration.  A label that survives exposure to chemicals may be weakened and unable to survive abrasion.  DuraChem supply produces labels that maintain excellent abrasion resistance.

Typical DuraChem Label & Sign Applications

  • Drum labels
  • Vat, Tank and Vessel Labels
  • Automotive labels
  • Pipe Markers
  • Equipment Labels
  • Hazard Warning Signs and Labels
  • Wayfinding and Emergency Exit/Evacuation Signs
  • Engines, Aircraft, Generators and Heavy Equipment

Does your industrial workplace have harsh conditions that may tax the survivability of your labels and signs?  Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about DuraLabel's DuraChem supply for making labels and signs that are chemical resistant... moisture resistant... abrasion resistant.  Tough labels for tough environments.

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