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DuraLabel Supplies

The Unique DuraLabel Warranty

If any sign or label made with DuraLabel Premium Continuous Vinyl fails in any way within five years, we'll replace the roll of vinyl free. No other supplier has the level of quality that allows them to warranty the labels you make - but DuraLabel does.

The DuraLabel Test Labs

The DuraLabel Test Lab is just one part of our focus on providing unbeatable quality for our customers. Below is an overview of our rigorous testing process.

The Atlas Weathering Tester tests the supply's ability to resist outdoor conditions and harsh indoor environments:

  • UV-Rays (outdoor applications)
  • Fluorescent facility lights (indoor applications)
  • Rain (outdoor applications)
  • Moisture (indoor damp conditions)

The Tabor Abrasion Tester tests the durability of printed text, bar codes and graphics:

  • Label or sign undergoes a controlled amount of abrasion
  • Legibility is tested visually
  • A computer-based scanning system is used for an accurate measurement of legibility

Chemical-resistance testing tests for resistance to chemicals and harsh environments:

  • Resistance to 18 chemicals is tested
  • Resistance to rubbing and scrubbing is tested using greater than the average exposure in normal environments and conditions.
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