DuraLabel Wire & Cable Marking Supplies

Create and print your own high quality, professional looking labels for wires and cables. Supplies are available to print shrink tubing labels or an assortment of color coded self-laminating wire wraps. Use the wire and cable supplies to create identification in patch bays, circuit panels, data centers and other critical connectivity locations.

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon »

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon Shield chemically exposed shrink tubing with an added layer of ribbon and protect your shrink tubing even in the harshest environments.

Premium Ribbons »

Premium Ribbons Produce the highest quality industrial grade labels and signs with high performing premium ribbons.

Self-Laminating Wire Wraps »

Self-Laminating Wire Wraps Protect, label and organize your cables, by marking them with self laminating wire wraps.

Shrink Tubing Ribbon »

Shrink Tubing Ribbon Amplify performance with shrink tubing ribbon that prints lasting text and graphics even in harsh environments.

Shrink Tubing »

Shrink Tubing Identify and organize cables and wires with shrink tubing that prints text, numbers and graphics.

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