Welcome to the World of "Tough Tested" DuraLabel Supplies

Tough Tested DuraLabel Supplies in Snow

A DuraLabel label printer opens a door to an incredible range of visual communication possibilities through the use of DuraLabel supplies.

We have developed more than 50 unique supplies for every visual communication challenge: from cold temp to chemical resistant, from magnetic to marine, from high tack to high temp, from shrink wrap to special adhesives, from tamper-evident to Tyvek and much more.

Many of the supplies we stock were first developed by our R&D team to satisfy a unique challenge posed by a customer of ours. They've been tested for abrasion, ultraviolet exposure, chemical exposure and repetitive wear. They're Tough Tested by us so you can count on them performing the heaviest duty in the harshest environments for you.

Circuit Board Polyimide Tape »

Circuit Board Polyimide Tape Use circuit board polyimide tape to keep electrical components properly labeled in harsh, high temperature industrial environments.

Dry Erase Tape »

Dry Erase Tape Use dry erase tape when information needs to be quickly filled in or erased. Perfect for hand recording production dates used in food processing.

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape »

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape Capable of resisting chemicals such as DMSO, alcohol and xylene, this is one of DuraLabel's strongest supplies.

Fluorescent Outdoor HiViz Tapes »

Fluorescent Outdoor HiViz Tapes Designed for indoor and outdoor environments, fluorescent tapes are useful as temporary safety and wayfinding signs, promotional signs, parking information and more.

Low-Halogen Tapes »

Low-Halogen Tapes Manufactured with low levels of halogen to help protect sensitive alloys, such as stainless steel, from corrosive damage.

LN2 Poly Tapes »

LN2 Poly Tapes Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, poly tapes feature a permanent acrylic adhesive for a reliable bond on both high and low energy surfaces.

Metal-Detectable Tapes »

Metal-Detectable Tapes Detectable levels of metal in a label help identify assembly components in manufacturing and food processing and can alert workers to the label's location.

Oily Surface Tapes »

Oily Surface Tapes Adhering to greasy, dirty surfaces is no longer a challenge; oily surface tapes provide aggressive adhesion.

Electrostatic Dissipative Tapes »

Electrostatic Dissipative Tapes Prevent unwanted bubbling, ink voids, or dots by reducing unwanted static build up.

Poly Cling Supply »

Poly Cling Supply Apply this temporary, clear adhesive-free labeling supply again and again on clean glass, mirrors, windows and more.

Shrink Tubing »

Shrink Tubing Identify and organize cables and wires with shrink tubing that prints text, numbers and graphics.

Magnetic Supply »

Magnetic Supply Reposition this highly durable magnetic supply from steel shelving to steel drums, from vehicles to tools; this supply clings and communicates, without ever leaving a residue.

Tyvek Tag Stock »

Tyvek Tag Stock Engineered to be a super tough, fabric-like material that's puncture and waterproof; it's ideal for tagging applications for agricultural products, outdoor inventory and more.

High-Temp Poly Tapes »

High Temp Poly Tapes Backed with an aggressive adhesive, high-temp tapes provide lasting performance in environments most others couldn't.

High-Tack Tapes »

High-Tack Tapes Developed with a surprisingly strong adhesive layer, High-Tack Tapes give you a bond that's both fast and firm.

UL 969 Compliant Poly Tape »

UL 969 Compliant Poly TapeWherever labeling applications call for the use of UL 969 "approved" labels, use this durable poly supply.

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