DuraLabel Pipe Marking & Valve Tag Supplies

Design and print custom valve tags with DuraLabel printers and supplies

It's fast and easy to design and print your own customized pipe markers. DuraLabel offers many types of supply to meet your specific labeling and pipe marking needs. Whether you need pipe markers that can withstand extreme temperatures, glow in the dark, or can be applied to greasy surfaces, DuraLabel has the supply you need. Use a DuraLabel printer to print high quality, professional pipe markers.

The included software with a DuraLabel printer ensures that your pipe markers will be OSHA and ANSI/ASME code compliant. The software includes hundreds of templates, common terminology, graphics, and many other great features. Learn more about the DuraSuite software.

Pipe Marking Guide

Custom Color Vinyl Tapes »

Custom Color Vinyl Tape We can provide special order vinyl in just about any color. If you want a nonstandard color, we can get it!

DuraTag (Tag Stock) »

DuraTag (Tag Stock) Think toughness and versatility when you consider this label supply that attaches easily with a simple slot punch and cable tie.

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes »

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes Extend the life of your labels with tape that stands up to moisture and provides reliable outdoor performance for up to 8 years.

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon »

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon Made with a tough, durable resin ink, this ribbon performs well even after exposure to harsh chemicals and/or abrasive scratching.

Heavy Duty Valve Tags »

Heavy Duty Valve Tags Available in nine bright colors. Place DuraLabel's Heavy Duty Valve Tags where workers can clearly see pipe contents before opening a valve.

Low-Halogen Tapes »

Low-Halogen Tapes Manufactured with low levels of halogen to help protect sensitive alloys, such as stainless steel, from corrosive damage.

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes »

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl With a 7-year life span, and a 3.8 mil thickness, ultra-aggressive adhesive is ideal for the industrial workplace.

XPressPeel Premium Vinyl Tapes »

XPressPeel Premium Vinyl Tapes Save time and money with the new XPressPeel vinyl tape that makes it quick and easy to separate the vinyl from the liner.

High-Temp Poly Tapes »

High-Temp Poly Tapes Backed with an aggressive adhesive, high-temp tapes provide lasting performance in environments most others couldn't.

Oily Surface Tapes »

Oily Surface Tapes Adhering to greasy, dirty surfaces is no longer a challenge; oily surface tapes provide aggressive adhesion.

Petroleum Resistant Ribbon »

Petroleum Resistant Ribbon Print oil and grease resistant labels and signs that perform even when exposed to petroleum, oil, sulfuric acid, moisture and salt spray.

Premium Ribbons »

Premium Ribbons Produce the highest quality industrial grade labels and signs with high performing premium ribbons.

Premium Vinyl Tapes »

Premium Vinyl Tapes Hard working premium vinyl tapes are durable, flexible and very popular. They maintain color even when exposed to UV light and resist abrasion.

Tyvek Ribbon »

Tyvek Ribbon Raise the performance and durability of Tyvek Tag Stock with the strong, was resin based Tyvek Ribbon.

Tyvek Tag Stock »

Tyvek Tag Stock Engineered to be a super tough, fabric-like material that's puncture and waterproof; it's ideal for tagging applications for agricultural products, outdoor inventory and more.

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