DuraLabel Non-Adhesive Supplies

Not every labeling supply requires an adhesive surface. Some, like poly cling, static cling and Tyvek tag stock attach to a surface and communicate visually without any adhesive at all. Poly cling attaches again and again to nearly any kind of clean glass-like surface. Adhesive-free supplies are thin and lightweight so that moisture and other outdoor elements are less likely to separate them from their intended surface.

Tyvek tag stock is not a clinging kind of supply. This super durable stock is a union of paper and plastic. It has the durability of plastic and the maneuverability of paper. It works well indoors and outdoors.

We encourage our customers to call us with questions about their supply needs. We can help you get the supply that best meet your needs. And we're proud to say we have more unique and hard working supplies than any other brand.

DuraTag LOTO Tag Stock »

DuraTag LOTO Tag Stock Consider this durable, tough, economical, high performing label for your outdoor needs, valve tags and other Lockout/Tagout applications.

DuraTag (Tag Stock) »

DuraTag (Tag Stock) Think toughness and versatility when you consider this label supply that attaches easily to industrial equipment, valves, circuit breakers and more.

Poly Cling Supply »

Poly Cling Supply Apply this temporary, clear adhesive-free labeling supply again and again on clean glass, mirrors, windows and more.

Shrink Tubing »

Shrink Tubing Identify and organize cables and wires with shrink tubing that prints text, numbers and graphics.

Static-Cling Supply »

Static-Cling Supply Cling temporary labels to windows, windshields, mirror, glass and more with easy to print and apply clear labels.

Tyvek Tag Stock »

Tyvek Tag Stock Engineered to be a super tough, fabric-like material that's puncture and waterproof; it's ideal for tagging applications for agricultural products, outdoor inventory and more.

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