DuraLabel Medical Labeling Supplies

DuraLabel Printers have more unique supplies than any other brand. There are ultra-aggressive adhesives, arc flash supplies, barcoding supplies, chemical resistant supplies, die-cut supplies, indoor and outdoor supplies, pipe marking & valve tag supplies, and more. Nobody matches DuraLabel's comprehensive selection that can outfit an entire facility with safety and visual communication labels.

DuraLabel has more than 25 supplies relevant to the needs of medical labeling. There are Right-to-Know color bar labels designed to increase understanding of a chemical's hazard and to increase compliance with safe work practices. There are high temperature tapes and LN2 tapes that can hold up to extreme temperatures. There are vinyls of every size, color and quality that support visual communication opportunities. And our Custom Label Service provides the best and most economical way to print industrial grade custom multicolor labels. No other brand of printer can offer as many types of supplies.

Arc Flash Labels »

Arc Flash Labels Ensure facility compliance and communicate hazard warnings with OSHA/ANSI designs.

Blank Die-Cut Labels »

Blank Die-Cut Labels Print labels with custom text and graphics using a blank industrial strength labeling supply.

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tapes »

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape Maintain egress marking standards and keep workers calm with luminescence that lasts up to 8-hours.

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon »

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon Shield chemically exposed shrink tubing with an added layer of ribbon and protect your shrink tubing even in the harshest environments.

Cold Storage Tapes »

Cold Storage Tape Get lasting labeling service and keep stored materials clearly identified even in temperatures as low as 40F.

Cryogenic Label Stock »

Cryogenic Label Stock Identify materials in environments as low as -320°F with our special formulated Cryogenic Label Stock.

Custom Label Service »

Custom Label Service Work with our designers for unique designs, colors and graphics and have it all on printed rolls.

Custom Color Vinyl Tapes »

Custom Color Vinyl Tape We can provide special order vinyl in just about any color. If you want a nonstandard color, we can get it!

Custom UV Watermark Tape »

Custom UV Watermark Tape Increase security and protect your company from the dangers of counterfeit labels with your own custom UV watermark tapes.

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape »

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape Capable of resisting chemicals such as DMSO, alcohol and xylene, this is one of DuraLabel's strongest supplies.

DuraTag LOTO Tag Stock »

DuraTag LOTO Tag Stock Consider this durable, tough, economical, high performing label for your outdoor needs, valve tags and other Lockout/Tagout applications.

DuraTag (Tag Stock) »

DuraTag (Tag Stock) Think toughness and versatility when you consider this label supply that attaches easily to industrial equipment, valves, circuit breakers and more.

Electrostatic Dissipative Tapes »

Electrostatic Dissipative Tapes Prevent unwanted bubbling, ink voids, or dots by reducing unwanted static build up.

Embossable Poly Tapes »

Embossable Poly Tapes Stand out with this distinct, professional, metallized poly tape that holds an embossed message after the ink's disappeared.

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes »

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes Extend the life of your labels with tape that stands up to moisture and provides reliable outdoor performance for up to 8 years.

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon »

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon Made with a tough, durable resin ink, this ribbon performs well even after exposure to harsh chemicals and/or abrasive scratching.

Fluorescent HiViz Tapes »

Fluorescent HiViz Tapes Give labels and signs the sense of urgency they deserve with the bright colors of Fluorescent HiViz Tapes.

Fluorescent Outdoors HiViz Tapes »

Fluorescent Outdoors HiViz Tapes Designed for indoor and outdoor environments, fluorescent tapes are useful as temporary safety and wayfinding signs, promotional signs, parking information and more.

Health & Safety Labels »

Health & Safety Labels Print your Health & Safety Labels on one of the toughest die-cut labels available, a label that's ready for OSHA HazCom compliance.

High-Tack Tapes »

High-Tack Tapes Developed with a surprisingly strong adhesive layer, High-Tack Tapes give you a bond that's both fast and firm.

LN2 Poly Tapes »

LN2 Poly Tapes Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, poly tapes feature a permanent acrylic adhesive for a reliable bond on both high and low energy surfaces.

Marine Label Tapes »

Marine Label Tapes Weather the harsh, salt water environments with durable chemical resistant marine label tapes.

Metallized Poly Tapes »

Metallized Poly Tapes Metallized poly tapes have a brushed aluminum background giving a classy, distinct look that doesn't sacrifice durability.

NFPA Diamond Label »

NFPA Diamond Labels Communicate critical hazard information with specially designed, easy-to-peel, extra durable NFPA compliant diamond labels.

Phosphorescent Tapes »

Phosphorescent Tapes Phosphorescent Tapes mark emergency exits to help keep your workers safe even hours after the lights have gone out.

Premium Ribbons »

Premium Ribbons Produce the highest quality industrial grade labels and signs with high performing premium ribbons.

Premium Vinyl Tapes »

Premium Vinyl Tapes Hard working premium vinyl tapes are durable, flexible and very popular. They maintain color even when exposed to UV light and resist abrasion.

Reflective Vinyl Tapes »

Reflective Vinyl Tapes Combat low light spaces with industrial grade reflective tapes that position easily and provide a strong, lasting bond.

RTK Color Bar Labels »

RTK Color Bar Labels Designed for NFPA compliant diamond labels, these durable labels maximize communication and are easy to peel and apply.

Self-Laminating Wire Wraps »

Self-Laminating Wire Wraps Protect, label and organize your cables, by marking them with self laminating wire wraps.

Shrink Tubing Ribbon »

Shrink Tubing Ribbon Amplify performance with shrink tubing ribbon that prints lasting text and graphics even in harsh environments.

Shrink Tubing »

Shrink Tubing Identify and organize cables and wires with shrink tubing that prints text, numbers and graphics.

Two Color Vinyl Tape »

Two Color Vinyl Tape Customize the durable OHSA Health & Safety signs to include safety messages and your own OSHA compliant safety words.

Tyvek Ribbon »

Tyvek Ribbon Raise the performance and durability of Tyvek Tag Stock with the strong, was resin based Tyvek Ribbon.

Tyvek Tag Stock »

Tyvek Tag Stock Engineered to be a super tough, fabric-like material that's puncture and waterproof; it's ideal for tagging applications for agricultural products, outdoor inventory and more.

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes »

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl With a 7-year life span, and a 3.8 mil thickness, ultra-aggressive adhesive is ideal for the industrial workplace.

XPressPeel Premium Vinyl Tapes »

XPressPeel Premium Vinyl Tapes Save time and money with the new XPressPeel vinyl tape that makes it quick and easy to separate the vinyl from the liner.

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