DuraLabel Low Temperature Supplies

DuraLabel offers two labeling supplies meant for extremely cold temperatures. The first is DuraLabel LN2 Poly Tapes, which is engineered to perform in the extreme temperatures common to scientific research and health care freezing processes. LN2 Poly Tapes feature a permanent acrylic adhesive for a superior bond on both high and low energy surfaces. These low temperature labels may be applied outdoors during winter, used in laboratories or used in the food processing industry.

The second low temperature supply is cold storage tapes which provide lasting service in many industrial freezers and cold storage warehouses. Cold storage tapes withstand temperatures as low as -40°F. And they're often used for printing barcodes, inventory labels, hazard and safety signs, food storage container labeling, meat inventory labeling and even outdoor cold temperature storage labeling. Available in white and yellow and up to 4 inch widths.

Cold Storage Tapes »

Cold Storage Tape Get lasting labeling service and keep stored materials clearly identified even in temperatures as low as 40°F.

Cryogenic Label Stock »

Cryogenic Label Stock Identify materials in environments as low as -320°F with our special formulated Cryogenic Label Stock.

LN2 Poly Tapes »

LN2 Poly Tapes Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, poly tapes feature a permanent acrylic adhesive for a reliable bond on both high and low energy surfaces.

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