DuraLabel Irregular Surface Supplies

Not every labeling surface is ideally suited for labeling. Dirty surfaces, complex surfaces such as trees, rocks, curbs and more often require a label even though the surface is irregular.

DuraLabel offers five varied supplies engineered to address the labeling needs of irregular surfaces. Nylon is your super bendable, super durable choice. High-tack tapes adhere even when dirt, rust, oil and mud are present. Conformable Polypropylene is a professional, permanent adhesive suitable for uneven and complex surfaces. Ultra-aggressive adhesive vinyl tape is highly durable, has a life span of seven years, and is one of our most adhesive labels. And extended life vinyl tapes with an 8-year life span are ideal for the industrial environment.

No other brand of printer has as many types of supplies as you'll find in the DuraLabel inventory.

Conformable Polypropylene Tapes »

Conformable Polypropylene Tape Affix permanent, professional labels to complex and other difficult labeling surfaces.

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes »

Extended-Life Vinyl Tapes Extend the life of your labels with tape that stands up to moisture and provides reliable outdoor performance for up to 8 years.

High-Tack Tapes »

High-Tack Tapes Developed with a surprisingly strong adhesive layer, High-Tack Tapes give you a bond that's both fast and firm.

Nylon Label Tapes »

Nylon Label Tapes Display a professional appearance with nylon tapes that can bend, twist and securely attach to flexible, complex surfaces.

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes »

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl With a 7-year life span, and a 3.8 mil thickness, ultra-aggressive adhesive is ideal for the industrial workplace.

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