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The most important label applications are those that help keep your workers safe.

DuraLabel® BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tapes keep workers safe by providing emergency exit signage, safe and orderly emergency exiting and light in darkness for up to eight hours. With BoldGlo the darker it gets, the more light the tape provides.

Fluorescent HiViz Tapes are ideal for urgent, short-term, indoor messaging. And they're easily noticed in any of their three attention grabbing colors: yellow, orange and green.

Two other valuable indoor application-specific supplies are DuraLabel's two tamper-evident tapes. One fragments upon tampering and the other leaves a "VOID" marking on the applied surface. So whether it's keeping your workers safe or keeping your packages safe, DuraLabel has the supplies you need.

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BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tapes »

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape Maintain egress marking standards and keep workers calm with luminescence that lasts up to 8-hours.

Custom UV Watermark Tape »

Custom UV Watermark Tape Increase security and protect your company from the dangers of counterfeit labels with your own custom UV watermark tapes.

Fluorescent HiViz Tapes »

Fluorescent HiViz Tapes Give labels and signs the sense of urgency they deserve with the bright colors of Fluorescent HiViz Tapes.

Phosphorescent Tapes »

Phosphorescent Tapes Phosphorescent Tapes mark emergency exits to help keep your workers safe even hours after the lights have gone out.

Tamper Evident Destructable Tapes »

Tamper Evident Destructable Tape Prevent unauthorized access to highly sensitive package shipments with DuraLabel Tamper-Evident Destructible Tapes.

Tamper Evident 'VOID' Tapes »

Tamper Evident Tamper Evident Tapes leave behind a VOID message so that you can know when your packages have been tampered with.

UL 969 Compliant Poly Tape »

Ul 969 Compliant Poly Tape Wherever labeling applications call for the use of UL 969 'approved' labels, use this durable poly supply.

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