DuraLabel High Temperature Supplies

Sometimes a label has relatively few demands placed upon it. It's kept indoors, it has no UV exposure, no moisture to contend with, and because of where it's placed it's not likely to get scuffed up.

And sometimes a label must do what most other tapes couldn't. DuraLabel High Temperature Supplies are required to perform in environments with temperatures ranging from 302°F to -40°F. They must demonstrate adhesive perfection and extreme durability so they can hold their adhesion even though their typical environment might shift frequently from hot to cold.

DuraLabel is proud to say that it has more than 50 hard working and unique supplies. So if you're looking for a high quality brand that's likely to have whatever you might be able to conceive, DuraLabel is the choice to make. No other brand has as many types of supplies.

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High-Temp Poly Tapes Backed with an aggressive adhesive, high-temp tapes provide lasting performance in environments most others couldn't.

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