DuraLabel Chemical Resistant Supplies

When message bearing labels are exposed to harsh chemicals, as they often are in industrial environments, you need labeling supplies that hold up to a wide range of abrasive chemicals. With an aggressive adhesive, a strong, thick tape and a resin based ribbon, you can be confident your labels will continue to communicate throughout their lifetime.

DuraLabel Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbons are the most chemical and abrasion resistant supply in the DuraLabel inventory. DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tapes are resistant to DMSO, alcohol, xylene, and more and have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to withstand the chemical-rich environments of the industrial workplace.

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon »

Chemical Resistant Shrink Tubing Ribbon Shield chemically exposed shrink tubing with an added layer of ribbon and protect your shrink tubing even in the harshest environments.

Clear Overlaminates »

Clear Overlaminates Extend the life of your labels with a clear overlaminate and keep them legible even in the harshest industrial environments.

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape »

DuraChem Chemical Resistant Tape Capable of resisting chemicals such as DMSO, alcohol and xylene, this is one of DuraLabel's strongest supplies.

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon »

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon Made with a tough, durable resin ink, this ribbon performs well even after exposure to harsh chemicals and/or abrasive scratching.

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