DuraLabel Arc Flash Supplies

Since 1970, Graphic Products has specialized in providing labeling solutions for OSHA and ANSI compliance. With nearly half of all electric fatalities the result of arc flashing, helping customers understand, use, comply with, maintain and update their arc flash labeling can literally be a lifesaving enterprise.

All DuraLabel Arc Flash supplies have been tested for compliance with industry standards for rain and moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and overall longevity and durability. Maintaining legibility in your arc flash labels helps ensure your workers have a safe environment.

Though environmental conditions can shorten or lengthen the life span of an arc flash label, typically our arc flash labels have a five to seven year life span.

To better understand the OSHA and ANSI compliance requirements, we've created a 12 page ABSOLUTELY FREE guide to Arc Flash Labeling, simply call us at 1-888-326-9244.

Arc Flash Labels »

Arc Flash Labels Ensure facility compliance and communicate hazard warnings with OSHA/ANSI designs.

Two Color Vinyl Tape »

Two Color Vinyl Tape Customize the durable OHSA Health & Safety signs to include safety messages and your own OSHA compliant safety words.

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