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The DuraLabel promise is this: If we don't have the supply you need, let us know and we'll either make it ourselves or we'll find someone who can help us make it.

When a label manufacturer offers more than 50 labeling supplies, you can be sure to find a comprehensive range of supplies. Outdoor supplies, indoor supplies, continuous supplies, safety supplies, OHSA, NFPA and RTK supplies, adhesive supplies from low- to high-tack, order, wayfinding, extreme temperatures, emergency egress and still so much more.

Ultra-aggressive adhesive vinyl tape is an implausibly strong adhesive that sticks tight to complex surfaces such as bricks, synthetic wood, fabric and more. It comes with a 2.8 mil film, a 7-year life span and is as permanent as a label can be.

High tack tapes quickly and reliably adhere to all kinds of unlikely surfaces — even adhesion resistant surfaces such as rust, dirt, mud, oils, low surface energy plastics and more. So when your standard is "Sticks No Matter What," know that l DuraLabel has more unique supplies than any other brand.

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High-Tack Tapes »

High-Tack Tapes Developed with a surprisingly strong adhesive layer, High-Tack Tapes give you a bond that's both fast and firm.

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes »

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl With a 7-year life span, and a 3.8 mil thickness, ultra-aggressive adhesive is ideal for the industrial workplace.

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