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Cryogenic label samples
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When using cryogenic temperatures for storing tissue samples, in a virology lab, when doing genetics labeling or DNA sequencing, for storing forensic samples or other extreme low temperature applications, proper and durable labeling of the stored material is critical.  Most label materials can’t handle cryogenic temperatures, and some that can may have trouble conforming to the shapes of the objects you need to label.

DuraLabel Cryogenic Labels provide tough-tested durability at temperatures as low as -320° F.  They handle liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen, dry ice freezes, boiling water, autoclave temperatures and gamma irradiation with ease.

DuraLabel Cryogenic Labels conform well to large and small objects, including  vials, tubes, slides and  other containers used in cryogenic freezing.

Cryogenic labels require an adhesive that maintains strong adhesion at extreme low temperatures; a base film material that will not crack or chip; and printing that does not fade or wash off.  DuraLabel Cryogenic label tape provides all of these. A DuraLabel thermal transfer printer is used to print tough, durable, custom bar code or serialized labels on demand.  Labels can even include a company logo or any combination of text, a bar code and graphics that is needed.

cryogenic low temp labels

Cryogenic labels also need to be small enough to leave contents visible; flexible enough to conform to the curve of small diameter vials, and have the ability to resist moisture resulting from repeated freeze and thaw cycles.  This would be appropriate for test tubes and other laboratory labels. Cryogenic labels must be resistant to solvents such as DSMO, methanol, and alcohol. Labels made with DuraLabel cryogenic supply meet all of these criteria.

For more information about DuraLabel Cryogenic labeling supplies, call 1-888-326-9244 today.

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