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OSHA Safety Topics

The following are links to online articles, and online forms for requesting printed guides, about OSHA safety topics ranging from hazard communications, to OSHA safety standards, to creating an OSHA safety plan.

OSHA Safety Topics Learning About OSHA

What is OSHA?

What is OHSA and what do they do? OSHA's goal is to decrease fatalities and accidents by setting and enforcing standards, providing training, and establishing programs to make the workplace safe and healthy. This online article answers questions such as: "What Is OHSA's Most Site Standard and what impact has OSHA had on safety?"

OSHA Voluntary Protection Plan Introduction

The OSHA Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP) is a safety and health management program that recognizes the good safety records of certain workplaces. This online article provides an overview of VPP and answers questions such as: "How Does VPP Work?" and "How Does VPP Benefit Employers?"

OSHA Safety Topics Understanding OSHA Standards

How OSHA Creates Standards

It takes about six years for OSHA to create a new standard. It is a seriousness job involving numerous stakeholders. This online article provides an overview of the process used by OSHA for creating or modifying their safety standards.

New Developments in 29 CFR 1910 OSHA's Laboratory Safety Standards

While we all know that proper PPE such as safety glasses should always be worn, visually communicating the dangers of chemicals is critical. This online article looks at OSHA's labeling requirements for hazardous materials and the various labeling options

OSHA Safety Signs Guide

This 16 page best practices guide summarizes the latest OSHA and ANSI requirements for making safety signs. OSHA references ANSI Z535 as the standard for making safety signs. This printed best practices guide provides information about the ANSI Z535.

Warehouse Safety Hazards & Solutions Guide

Free Warehouse Safety Guide

Based on OSHA recommendations, this printed guide reveals the most common warehouse safety hazards and presents a solution for each. It covers topics such as:

  • Forklifts
  • Hazard Communication
  • Docks
  • Conveyors
  • Materials Storage
  • Manual Lifting/Handling
  • Charging Stations
  • Poor Ergonomics
  • General Safety
  • Materials Handling Safety
  • Forklift Safety

OSHA Safety Topics OSHA Audit Checklists

OSHA Audit Checklists - Hazardous Substances

The OSHA 1910.1200 standard requires that information about chemical hazards be provided to employers and employees, and safety measures be taken to protect employees and the public from those hazards. This online article provides three OSHA checklists to help ensure comprehensive safety measures are in place.

  • Hazardous Substances Communication Checklist
  • Control of Hazardous or Harmful Substances by Ventilation Checklist
  • Vehicle Fueling Checklist

OSHA Audit Checklists - Pipe Marking

Pipe marking is an important part of a safety. Not only is it required by OSHA, ANSI and ASME, pipe markers provide critical information both during normal operations and when there is an emergency. This online article provides a checklist for conducting a pipe marker assessment.

OSHA Safety Topics Injury/Fatality Reporting and Record Keeping

What is OSHA 300?

Workplace injuries and fatalities must be logged in the OSHA 300 form by any employer covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, if that employer has more than ten employees. This online article provides an introduction to the OSHA 300 form and covers topics such as:

  • What is OSHA 300?
  • OSHA 300 Form Training:
  • Why Is The OSHA 300 Form Important?

OSHA Injury/Fatality Reporting Requirements

If there is an injury or fatality in your facility, does it need to be reported? How soon must it be reported? Who should it be reported to? This online article answers these questions and more, including an overview of the OSHA record keeping requirements and how to work with the OSHA 300 form.

OSHA Safety Plan

An OSHA Safety Plan is a written plan that describes the potential hazards in the workplace, and the company policies, controls and work practices used to minimize those hazards. This online article provides an introduction to creating a workplace safety plan, covering topics such as:

  • Management Leadership and Employee Involvement
  • Work Site Safety Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Training For Employees, Supervisors and Managers

OSHA Safety Topics Chemical Safety

Lab Safety - OSHA's Laboratory Safety Standard

OSHA has created a standard for lab safety called "Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories" (29 CFR 1910.1450), commonly called the "Laboratory Standard." This online article provides the following:

  • Lab Safety - Overview of the OSHA Laboratory Standard
  • Lab Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Lab Safety Labels and Signs
  • Overview Of Chemical Safety

How To Read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard requires that all chemical present in a workplace be accompanied by a MSDS. Use this printed guide to learn how to read and understand a MSDS and the best ways to get your company's chemical labeling up to code.

OSHA Safety Topics Electrical Safety

OSHA Electrical Safety Practices Protect You From Electrical Hazards

Learn about the five electrical safety practices that are recommended by OSHA, plus how effective labels and signs contribute to electrical safety. This online article provides an overview of OSHA's recommendations for protecting workers from electrical hazards.

OSHA Safety Topics Workplace Fatalities

OSHA Fatal Facts

Learning about accidents that have happened can help us see ways to prevent accidents in our workplace. This online article provides 22 OSHA accident reports describing fatal workplace accidents. They cover the following types of accidents:

  • Falls
  • Struck By Falling Object
  • Caught In Or Caught Between
  • Trenching and cave-ins.
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Explosion, Fire & Burns
  • Asphyxiation

OSHA Reports Of Workplace Fatalities By Month

To provide examples of what can happen, we've compiled a listing of all workplace fatalities for a twelve month period, July 2009 through June 2010. Many fatalities happen because workers don't believe they'll get hurt. This online series of twelve monthly reports makes workers aware of the many unexpected ways a fatality can happen.

FREE OSHA Accident Reports Guide

This printed guide describes 12 fatal accidents and includes accident prevention recommendations based on these types of accidents and specific OSHA standards that apply to the situation. The guide also offers valuable tips for safe work practices.

FREE Guide To The Top Ten OSHA Violations of 2011

This printed list the top OSHA violations in 2011, along with providing references to the specific OSHA standards that apply to that type of violation. The guide provides three lists.


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