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DuraStripe V Floor Marking
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DuraStripe X-Treme Floor Marking Tapes

Now there's a floor marking tape you can depend on at heavy equipment traffic locations. DuraStripe X-Treme Floor Marking Tapes are made of a tough single layer PVC and can take the punishment of heavy load, small-wheel traffic. A nearly indestructible, single layer makes it a unique tape other floor marking products can't match.

Testing shows DuraStripe X-Treme is stronger than the leading competitor's most durable floor marking tape. A single layer PVC construction won't separate like others when stressed by forklift turns, stops or skids. A proprietary adhesive formula gives it a powerful grip so you can count on these tapes for lasting performance in harsh facility conditions.

DuraStripe X-Treme Floor Marking is also easy to install on large facility floors. Comes in standard roll sizes for push applicator installation. Available in seven popular safety colors and sizes up to 4 inches wide.

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