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Lean Manufacturing - 5S Labeling Solutions

DuraLabel offers the tools you need to put 5S into action. Listed below are supplies, accessories and kits to help you build a successful 5S program. Visit our online ordering page today for pricing and information on our lean labeling supplies and kits.

DuraLabel PRO 5S Kit

DuraLabel 5S Solutions Kit

Save money by purchasing a DuraLabel 5S Solutions Kit. Included is a DuraLabel label and sign printer (choose from the DuraLabel PRO, DuraLabel PRO 300 or DuraLabel Toro), several rolls of Premium vinyl as well as black and white ribbon. We also include 5S instructions to help you get started.


premium vinyl tapes


Premium Vinyl Tapes

Create labels and signs for a variety of applications with over 30 colors of Premium Vinyl Tape available. Our Premium Vinyl is resistant to water, UV light and most chemicals so your labels and signs will last.


printable floor marking tape


Floor Marking Tapes

Supplement your lean manufacturing system with Floor Marking Tapes. We offer Flexible Floor Marking Tapes for uneven surfaces, Premium Non-Skid Tapes to add traction in slippery areas, Photoluminescent Non-Skid Tapes that are visible in low light conditions and Printable Floor Marking Tapes to easily mark work/equipment areas.


shadow boarding image


Shadow Boarding

Clearly mark pegboards using our DuraLabel shadow boarding supplies to show where each tool belongs. Simply trace the outline of your tool onto DuraCut Vinyl, cut it out and adhere the vinyl to your pegboard. Color code using our wide variety of colors. Click here to order shadow boarding supplies online. We have 15 inch and 24 inch width rolls available.



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