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Combine Labels To Make Large Signs

As with all printers, DuraLabel Printers have a maximum supply width they will accept. The DuraLabel PRO and the DuraLabel PRO 300 can print on supplies up to 4" wide while the wide format DuraLabel 7000 and 9000 can print up to 7" and 9" respectively. However, labels or signs larger than the maximum width can be made by tiling. "Tiling" refers to signs that are printed in strips and assembled to form one complete sign. These label strips can be combined on a sign placard to create the sign height you require. Tiling requires a printer that prints edge to edge, such as the DuraLabel PRO or the DuraLabel 9000.

Step 1

First, place the lowest label onto the surface. This will provide a reference point for the rest of the labels. Tiling labels onto a placard is recommended, as the placard provides a reference point for lining up the label edges and will allow the sign to be removed and reposted. Tiling must be done very carefully when applying directly onto an application surface.

Step 2

To properly line up the successive label strips, start by peeling off just one edge of the adhesive liner. Apply the exposed adhesive to the surface. If the strip is properly lined up with the first label, peel off the rest of the liner and complete the application. Repeat this process until your tiled sign is complete.

Note: XPressPeel vinyl makes this process easier by allowing just half of the liner to be removed.

Do not overlap labels when tiling a sign. This creates ridges that can trap moisture, advance peeling and appear unprofessional.

Step 3

Continue to add additional labels, one next to another, until the sign has been completely built.

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