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How to apply labels:

Preventing wrinkling and bubble formation

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step 1: apply alcohol

Step 1

In order to prepare the surface which the label will be adhered to, apply Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to a lint-free towel or cloth and wipe the desired surface until clean. Wait 5 minutes to allow the Isopropyl Alcohol to completely evaporate before applying.

step 2: remove label backing

Step 2

Peel the label from the backing (it is easier to peel the label from the backing than to peel the backing from the label).

step 3: spray the adhesive

Step 3

Spray the back side (adhesive side) of the label from a distance of 14" with a lubricant that will not damage the adhesive, coating the surface evenly so that there is a nice sheen. We recommend using EZ-ON Label Application Solution for this.

step 4: apply the label

Step 4

Apply the label onto the surface. You should be able to slide the label around to position it correctly.

step 5: apply with cloth for pipe markers step 5: squeegee bubbles out of the label

Step 5

Use a squeegee to gently squeeze out the excess EZ-ON and remove any bubbles or wrinkles.

For pipes the process is the same, except that a cloth is used to smooth out the label instead of a squeegee.

step 6: remove excess ez on

Step 6

Gently wipe the excess EZ-ON from the edges of the label with a clean towel or cloth.

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