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Extending Label Life

Although there are label materials designed to adhere to dirty surfaces, in most cases surfaces should be clean prior to label application.

Step 1

Smooth, clean surfaces maximize a label's adhesive strength and limit bubbling and wrinkling during application. Labels should not be applied to rough, porous or dirty surfaces because the uneven textures reduce the strength of a label's adhesive. If a surface is rough and can be smoothed out, smooth it with sandpaper before going to Step 2.

Step 2

Ensure that the surface is clean by rubbing it down with a cloth and an evaporative cleaning solution. Many household chemical cleaners can leave residue that may compromise the adhesive strength or corrode the adhesive altogether. Preparing a surface for label application can be done using isopropyl alcohol or a simple soap and water solution.

Step 3

Apply the label. Be sure the material used to make the label is appropriate for the environment in which the label is being used. For example, outdoor locations require that materials that resist sunlight, rain and wind be used.

Problem Solving - Surface is dirty or cannot be made smooth

If a surface cannot be cleaned or smoothed, DuraLabel offers supplies with special adhesives that can solve the problem. For example when there are poor application surface conditions, such as a dirty surface that cannot be clean, over a rough surface that cannot be smoothed, DuraLabel Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes may work. They bond to dirty, rough and irregular surfaces.

Problem Solving - An oily surface that cannot be cleaned

DuraLabel Oily Surface Tapes are engineered with an adhesive formulated to chemically bond and aggressively adhere to greasy and grimy surfaces. These labels can even stick to plastics heavily coated with WD-40. Oily Surface Tapes have a strong polyester facestock that holds up to harsh and dirty work environments. When printed with DuraLabel Oil Resistant Ribbon, this supply can stand up to gasoline, sulfuric acid and most oil-based products.

Problem Solving - Surface is curved or irregular

DuraLabel Extended Life Vinyl Tapes are thinner and more flexible than standard vinyl tapes. The increased flexibility allows it to fit over rough or irregular surfaces and improves performance on indoor and outdoor applications where surfaces are uneven or curved. These sturdy tapes provide durability and flexibility for up to 8 years of outdoor performance. Labels and signs made with DuraLabel Extended Life Vinyl Tapes can resist exposure to harsh weather and corrosive chemicals.

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