EZ-ON Label Application Solution Kit

EZ-ON Label Application Solution Kit

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Applying labels has never been so easy with DuraLabel Label Application Kit

The EZ-ON Label Application Kit supports clean and professional labeling through the “wet application” technique. The EZ-ON kit includes a 32 oz. bottle of EZ-ON Solution and a 4” EZ-ON Squeegee. The solution delays the adhesive bonding to help properly position the label without damaging the vinyl or weakening the adhesive.

Wet application with EZ-ON simplifies label application for beginners and helps experts with more advanced label applications, such as large labels on irregular surfaces. The EZ-ON Label Application Kit is a universally effective labeling tool no matter the skill or difficulty involved with the application.

Eliminate Application Mistakes with the EZ-ON Application Kit

Bubbles and wrinkles are one of the biggest concerns during the label application process. These flaws leave an unsightly appearance and can accelerate a label's rate of failure. Applying a label improperly, carelessly or in a hurry can trap air between the label and the application surface, leaving protruding wrinkles and lumps.

Using the wet application technique with EZ-ON Solution not only helps with positioning, it also easily smoothes out wrinkles and bubbles. Since the solution temporarily weakens the adhesive bond, any air trapped underneath the label can be easily smoothed out with a few sweeps of the EZ-ON Application Squeegee.

Eliminate the Difficulty of Applying Large Labels

Big labels improve facility safety with highly visible hazard warnings that can be seen over long distances, but they are also more challenging to apply than standard sized labels. Lubricating the adhesive side of the label with the EZ-ON solution is recommended when applying large labels.

The larger surface areas of big labels make them more susceptible to wrinkling and improper, crooked placement during application. EZ-ON Solution takes away the stress of having to perfectly apply the label the first time by providing multiple chances to master the application. Then, any lingering bubbles or wrinkles can be forced out using the EZ-ON Squeegee.

The EZ-ON Label Application Kit is another innovative labeling solution from DuraLabel that helps you Click… Print… Solve…

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How To Apply Labels With DuraLabel EZ-ON Application Kit

Though labeling experts may be able to handle most applications with ease, wetting the label with EZ-ON is always beneficial to label application. Wetting with EZ-ON delays label adhesion to allow proper label placement and prevent unsightly wrinkles and bubbles. Wetting is simple and can improve the appearance of any label.

Begin by cleaning the surface of any contaminants. Isopropyl alcohol should be wiped across the application surface with domestic paper towels. Other cleaning agents feature added ingredients that may reduce the adhesive strength of the label. Isopropyl alcohol is free of contaminants and alleviates all dirt and surface debris.

  • Remove the liner from the back of the label, spray down the adhesive with EZ-ON. IT does not matter how much is sprayed on as it will eventually be squeegee'd out. It is better to over spray than to under spray. Adhesive may catch on the surface and pull the vinyl if the surface is too dry. The label will not reach full adhesion until the residual liquid under the vinyl has evaporated and the adhesive has cured.
  • Place the label onto the application surface. Move the label around against the surface until it is properly positioned.
  • Once satisfied with the positioning, begin using the squeegee at the corner of the label and press it down using moderately firm, overlapping strokes while making sure the squeegee is flat with the surface along the entire length of the stroke. This removes the fluid and lays the label perfectly flat against the surface.
  • Press the label with the squeegee again a few hours after the initial application to further improve the label bond.

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