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Free standard pipe marking guide

Standard ANSI / ASME
Pipe Marking Guide

This easy-to-read guide is designed to be used as a wall chart or as a desk reference

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Get the latest ANSI/ASME pipe marking standards summarized in this one-page guide. We'll send it to you free of charge or obligation. If you have any labeling related questions, please include them in the comments box. We'll be happy to answer them!

Just an example of what you will find in this guide is a pipe marker size chart:

Letter and Label Dimensions in accordance with pipe diameter

Outside Pipe Diameter
Including Covering
Minimum Length of
Label Field Color
Minimum Height
of Letters
.75" - 1.25"19 - 32 mm8"203 mm.5"13 mm
1.5" - 2"38 - 51 mm8"203 mm.75"19 mm
2.5" - 6"64 - 152 mm12"305 mm1.25"32 mm
8" - 10"203 - 254 mm24"610 mm2.5"64 mm
Over 10"Over 254 mm32"813 mm3.5"89 mm

NOTE: It is recommended that pipes less than .75" in diameter be labeled with a permanent tag.

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