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International GHS Labeling Best Practices Guide

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The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for labeling hazardous chemicals is being implemented now in the U.S., and must be in full use by 2015. But there is more. Although GHS is an international standard, there are some minor differences among countries and regions. When shipping hazardous chemicals to other countries you need to be aware of these GHS differences and use GHS labels that are appropriate for the destination country.

The Best Practice Guide to International GHS provides an concise overview of the information you need when GHS labels for international shipments are needed. Use the following form to order your free copy:

GHS labels are based on the information provided by Safety Data Sheets. In 2003 the UN published the Globally Harmonized System standards that serve as a guideline for making GHS labels. But the standard does not include legal requirements nor specify a rigid format. Each country or region is left to create the specific requirements for GHS labels used within their boundaries. This does not negate the benefits of standardization, as all GHS labels conform with the overall UN requirements, but there are differences in GHS labels.

This Best Practice Guide to International GHS provides information about the U.S. Requirements for GHS labels, as well as those of other major countries. In providing this information it provides the details and definitions of the information and symbols that must be on all GHS labels.

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