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NEC 110 Fault Current Requirements

NEC 110 Labeling - Free Quick Reference Guide Available Fault-Current Labeling

The DuraLabel Quick Reference Guide to  the NEC Available Fault-Current Labeling requirements provides a concise overview of the NEC 110 code requirements.  It not only shows what the code requires, but also includes the formula for calculating the fault current based on the nameplate data.  It also shows an example label and describes the NEC 110 labeling requirements.

The updated 2011 NEC Article 110 requires labels that display the “available fault current.”  These labels are separate from arc flash labeling. NEC 110 requires that the available fault labels be:

  1. Field installed on new equipment
  2. Checked when changes are made to the associated electrical system
  3. Able to survive the environment in which they are located

This means you must be familiar with the method used to calculate available fault current and you must be able to make the needed Available Fault Current Labels. In addition, you must have the capability for making updated labels when system changes result in changes to the fault current.  This DuraLabel quick reference guide provides the information you need.

NEC 110 also requires that available fault current labels be durable, and resistant to the environment and deteriorating agents.  That means you need DuraLabel labels. DuraLabel tough-tested labeling materials are available for use outdoors and in areas exposed to various types of chemicals or petroleum products.  Call 1-888-326-9244 today to request your free quick reference guide and get more information about DuraLabel printers and tough-tested supplies.

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