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Best Practice Guide to Conveyor Safety

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Conveyor Safety Guide

Conveyors are used to move materials from one location to another. The are many hazards associated with conveyors such as dust, rotating parts and noise. Conveyor safety is not to be taken lightly.

There are fundamentals for conveyor safety that apply to every type of conveyor. The Conveyor Safety Guide from Graphic Products provides a concise overview of these safety fundamentals, covering both safe conveyor operation and conveyor maintenance.

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The Conveyor Safety Guide covers the following topics:

  • Conveyor Safety (Overview)
  • Proper Conveyor Labeling (CEMA requirements)
  • Safe Conveyor Maintenance
  • Convey Lockout / Tagout
  • Conveyor Safety Benefits

Use this guide to help improve the overall safety and efficiency of conveyor systems. The techniques described here can be applied to many conveyor system types and industries — including indoor and outdoor conveyor systems

This guide shows how production requirements and safety work together. For example, reducing idle time and shut-downs are generally top priorities in conveyor system operation. Achieving good conveyor safety contributes to these production goals. This guide presents practices that help to achieve these goals.



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