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5S Standard Color Reference

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DuraLabel 5S Color Coding Reference and Standards Guide

5S Color Coding Reference: This quick reference chart shows the standard colors used for 5S color coding. 5S is a system improving productivity, quality, and safety through cleaning and organizing the workplace. The visual communication promoted through color coding is a important component of 5S.

5S Color Coding Standards: While are no official criteria for 5S color coding, standards have developed out of common use. The advantage of using a standardized color scheme is that employees can change jobs within the organization and always know the 5S color code. Further, when outside vendors and contractors are working in your facility, they will likely also be familiar with the 5S color coding system you are using.

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Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information!

Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information!

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