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DuraSuite has been aiding customers in their chemical labeling for more than 10 years. The latest version of DuraSuite has customizable templates for the following types of labels:

HazCom 2012 labels: These label templates meet the latest chemical labeling requirements (2012) as specified by OSHA's Hazard Communication System, which is aligned with the international GHS recommendations. DuraSuite includes a detailed database of 1,500 chemicals, with associated chemical numbers, hazard statements, precautionary statements and hazard pictograms. There are also several size and layout options that let you create labels for a wide range of container types. Languages supported include English, French and Spanish.

International GHS labels: These label templates meet the new United Nations Globally Harmonized Standard for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) recommendations and can be used for those countries that have adopted GHS, including China, Japan and the European Union. Choose from 1,500 complete chemical labels that come with the DuraSuite library or create your own. As with the HazCom 2012 Labels, you have the ability to switch between chemical label information in English, French and Spanish.

Arc Flash labels: Easily create arc flash labels in several sizes and in three languages. Simply fill in the blanks to make labels that match the equipment hazards at your facility. DuraSuite's arc flash labels meet current NFPA codes as well as the CSA–Z462 Canadian code.

Right-to-Know (RTK) and NFPA Color Bar labels: Create RTK and Color Bar labels in a variety of sizes and layouts. The RTK labeling module includes over 1,700 chemicals with associated health hazards, organ hazards, hazard rating numbers and more. Create new labels or edit existing ones.

Pipe Markers: DuraSuite's pipe-marking module lets you quickly create ANSI and ASME compliant pipe markers. Intuitive menus make it easy to select colors, directional arrows and font styles for your customized pipe-marking labels.

General purpose labels: The DuraSuite Label Designer module gives you a wide range of tools for creating all types of customized labels and signs. Create your own label templates that you can save and use later. Access DuraSuit's extensive library of practical safety and health symbols or import your own graphics. This user–friendly program gives you complete control over all aspects of label–making.

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