DuraCheer: Holiday ideas from the DuraNews staff

Our writers offer holiday ideas inspired by DuraLabel and Graphic Products offerings.

Creative use of DuraLabel supplies

By Jack Rubinger

My family is big into communication. We teach our kids to ask for what they want in all areas of life. We also believe in using what we have around the house in creative ways rather than buying new stuff all the time. And we’ve got to make things safe for Santa. So here are five suggestions based on how my family uses our DLP and DuraLabel supplies.

  1. Apply sequenced barcode labels on presents so kids can track who gave what with barcode scanners.
  2. Use red and green DuraTags as Christmas tree ornaments.
  3. Print up your holiday gift wish list and stick it on the dashboard of dad’s car.
  4. Post weekly holiday gift reminders on your fridge with removable magnetic tape.
  5. Make your chimney more visible to Santa using phosphorescent wayfinding tape. 


Brilliant safety stocking stuffers

By Lisa Stringfellow

When my family gets around to wrapping gifts and stuffing stockings, small handfuls of familiar items get tossed into the stockings. The orange goes in first. Then there’s usually a short stack of Post-it’s. A package of pens. A thumb drive. (It’s always good to include affordable technology.) Then some ChapStick and a small box of See’s candy typically round out the list.

But this year we’re taking it up a notch and including a few safety items. What about a stocking stuffer that might prevent a loved one from losing a digit? We have gloves for that! What about a pair of ear plugs that effectively block noise? If you have a partner who snores, this could be hugely useful, plus great for travel, too.

So if you’re looking for original and useful stocking stuffer ideas, go no further than Graphic Products’ online PPE catalog. Save your hearing, save your hands and protect your eyes with our full line of safety gear. And remember, safe is better than brave!

Here are some items that caught my eye:

Honeywell Junk Yard Dog glovesHand protection: Honeywell Junk Yard Dog gloves feature full premium leather palms and Kevlar fiber shell. Slash- and abrasion-resistant for the toughest applications, like bathing your cat before the guests come to stay.

Virtua Safety GlassesEye protection:  Virtua Safety Glasses, blue with mirror frame and hardcoat lens. Protect your eyes from both UV light and onion fumes, while complying with ANSI Z87.1-2003.

3M foam-corded ear plugsHearing protection: 3M foam-corded earplugs in a box of 100 pairs to protect your hearing from such hazards as loud football games—a gift they’ll appreciate for a lifetime. 




A 5S trick to help keep track of those gifts

By Al Polito

Holiday gift receipt "red tag"

If you’re like me, your memory isn’t what it used to be and Post-it notes are your best friend sometimes. Unfortunately, as a visual workplace tool, the Post-it note is unreliable because it is given to curling up and falling off. When your holiday gifts come in, you can keep them all sorted out with 5S red tags so that you—or anyone else in your household—will know exactly what to do with them. You can make your own by using our red tag stock, based on our “official” 5S red tag.


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