April 2014 DuraNews

Exposure to hazardous material must be clearly communicated

Clear communication regarding the dangers of hazardous materials cannot be taken lightly, whether you’re referring to a major industrial disaster or the dangers of chemicals handled by personnel throughout your supply chain.

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Cut Costs, Not Fingers, with an IIPP

How much does a workplace injury cost the company? Costs for accidents vary, so it’s hard to give an answer for each injury — but it’s easy to find a total. American businesses paid over $55 billion in 2011, just in direct workers compensation, according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. That’s over a billion dollars each week.

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Digging Trees, Marbles, and Hazardous Waste

Sometimes digging uncovers hidden dangers...“One of the planter’s shovels popped through the top of the rusted through barrel, and we quickly roped off the area, called the head crew leader and abandoned the site to ensure safety for our volunteers. The city was contacted to address it, of course. I heard later that there were a few barrels that were removed.”

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Worker's Memorial April 28th, 2014

Words fail when a family member, colleague, or friend dies suddenly. The actions we take speak volumes. Many strive for the prevention of the next workplace tragedy and remembering those who are gone. Helping others can bring us hope.

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MODEX Trade Show Update

Our trade show team flew down to Atlanta to attend MODEX, one of the industry’s premier supply chain and manufacturing shows. We focused on our newest labeling systems – The DuraLabel Toro and Lobo.

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