September 2014 DuraNews

Campus Fire Safety

Colleges are where the young often get their first taste of living alone, away from the safety net of family. For freshmen, the college campus is like a confusing new city. They're distracted by change, exhausted by extensive homework, and pushing the boundaries of wild behavior due to their sudden lack of parental discipline. This is a culture that's prone to frequent fires.

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Is Your Food Safe? - 9 Food Safety Facts to Consider

Adherence to appropriate food temperatures, hand-washing regimes, surface cleanliness, and food storage all come to mind when I think back to applying for my food handlers card when I was 15 years old. Food safety isn't limited to restaurants or the farm. From a food processing plant to the refrigerator at the workplace, understanding the role of food safety in life is why we are recognizing National Food Safety Month.

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Death by Bugs or Beasts

When you think of workplace hazards, you probably think of violent, sometimes terrifying risks — such as arc flashes, falling from heights, explosions. What you probably don't think about are bees, wasps, spiders.

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