July 2014 DuraNews

Safety isn’t a Light Issue on Fourth of July

You may have the same BBQ and fireworks traditions each year—but maintaining safety traditions will provide you and your family protection from becoming part of the tongue-in-cheek calculation reference of our uniquely American celebration.

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Don’t Panic: Revised Guidelines for Ammonia Systems

To improve the safety of these complex systems, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) publishes a guideline for labeling them. That guideline, IIAR Bulletin No. 114, was recently revised — and, as labeling experts, we’ve been getting frantic questions about the changes.

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Asset Management: Orange is the New Challenge

Asset management is the formal process of operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of goods and services cost effectively. Current assets are the inventory a company has, as well as the accounts receivable and any short term investments it has in place.

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5S Can Be the Pits

5S is the most popular of the Lean Manufacturing practices. It’s relatively easy to implement and it can be managed without sending staff off for months of training. Because 5S grew from the Lean family it is most closely associated with industrial workplaces. But 5S has broadened its influence beyond typical tool crib and equipment labeling, and workplace order.

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