August 2014 DuraNews

Summertime worker safety in three words: water, rest and shade

Indoor workers are admiring the gorgeous weather from the comfort of their climate-controlled office environments. But for many workers, the job entails laboring outside in the heat and direct sunlight.

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Helpfulness, Kindness & Patience: Hallmarks of Cool Customer Service

I was at the National Automobile Dealers Association trade show in Atlanta. The show was over for the day and we were checking out dealer receptions at hotels. It was getting late and we were all laughing and talking about one guy who went between the dessert table and shrimp cocktails in no particular order when our technical support guy got a call from a customer.

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Emergency Exits aren’t Just for Elvis

Thanks to requirements that an exit route must be part of a permanent structure, Elvis always exited unscathed by overzealous fans. "Elvis has left the building." Without emergency exits, that famous phrase may not have become synonymous with silent yet dramatic exits.

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