December 2014 DuraNews

Safety Challenges for FLNG Vessels

At a half a kilometer long, Prelude, a floating natural gas plant built by Shell, will begin operating off the coast of Australia soon. The world’s largest vessel will call the Brown Basin of the Indian Ocean its home for 25 years, before it returns to land for scheduled maintenance. Launch date hasn't been set, but the last integral piece of the floating plant was shipped from Dubai in August 2014. (Schuler, 2014)

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Hot Tips for a Safe Holiday

It’s the time of year to get your labels and signs into top safety shape for 2015 by following these tips.

1. Make your message compliant

The most common hazard communication compliance issues include pipe marking, arc flash labeling and ANSI Z535 safety sign compliance. Ensure you are up to date on the latest standards with our OSHA Safety Sign Best Practice Guide.

2. Make your message survive

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North Pole Toy Workshop exposes workers to 19 hazards

Santa Claus dba "Santa's Toy Workshop" has recently been deemed to fall under the jurisdiction of OSHA due to a mailing address in North Pole, Alaska. In December an inspection of the toy workshop took place, as well as an assessment of some toy deliveries made within the United States. Santa Claus and the Toy Workshop were cited for 19 safety and health violations; fines total $349,100.

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