January 2015 DuraNews

We appreciate you

You choose early mornings and an unshaved face. You choose steel-toe boots over a button-down shirt and tie. You choose tire tread, and molten metal and dirt, over a fleet of office cubicles.

We get it.

Here at Graphic Products, we understand that working hard, and working safe sometimes means taking the long road. We thank you for putting the safety and security of your foremen and no-questions-asked workhorses in our hands for more than 40 years. We thank you for the long road.

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Prep your Workplace for a Winter Storm in 4 Steps

Even if you don't live somewhere that puts you neck-deep in snow several months of the year, you probably need to make winter storm preparations. But how do you prepare your workplace, and what do you do once the storm hits?

The problem with disaster planning is, it's difficult to get into the spirit of things while the weather is NOT disastrous. But a disaster with no foreplanning becomes a much bigger disaster. So let's knuckle under and just get this thing done with these four steps.

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Radon Action Month

A silent killer lurks underground. Radon, a naturally occurring gas, cannot be seen, tasted or smelled—yet kills 21,000 people from lung cancer in the United States each year.

The radioactive gas is released in rock, soil, and water and can build up to create dangerous levels inside homes and work places. The EPA has designated January “Radon Action Month” since 1999 in an effort to raise awareness and encourage businesses and homeowners with the tools to get tested.

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