March 2015 DuraNews

Tales to Protect Your Vision: True PPE Stories

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid,” Santa replies in the 1980s movie classic A Christmas Story, when Ralphie asks for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. That phrase has become synonymous with eye safety in a joking manner.In reality, personal protection equipment (PPE) isn’t laughable when thousands of people are blinded, injured, or killed each year from accidents that could have been prevented or minimized if appropriate PPE had been used.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pipe Marking

I’m going to skip the part where I share stories of safety managers who didn’t ensure pipes were properly labeled, resulting in employee injury or death. You’ve heard the horror stories and you know to take this seriously, so let’s get right to what you need to know.

Collecting Pipe Data

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HazCom 2012

Natural Structures is in the business of creating fun. The Baker City, Oregon design and manufacturing company has built custom water slides shaped like alligators and stainless steel slides – including one used inside Google headquarters

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