High Voltage: Farmhand survives electric shock

Curtis Weber is from a monochromatic landscape where the Canadian sky blends into the rollicking fields, where the horizon is only interrupted by grain silos and round bales of hay. As a 17-year-old, he knew the fields well.

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It Works at Work, Now Bring 5S Home

A few years ago my rent increased dramatically, and I had to find a new place and move while I was working a lot of hours. I picked a place hastily and unpacked quickly, so I didn’t put together an efficient system. In my two years there, I never took the time to fix this. Pans weren't near the stove, cups were far from the sink, and coming out of the shower in need of a fresh towel meant raining onto carpet while running to the hall closet. Everything I needed always seemed to be far away and I wasted a lot of time running around unnecessarily.

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Five safety lessons learned from the demise of Titanic

Safety headlines grab attention with catastrophe, accidents, fines, and pointing fingers. This April 15th marks the 103rd year anniversary of one of the most talked about safety tragedies of 20th century. The sinking of Titanic killed more than 1,500 passengers and crew, shocking the world, as it had been touted as the safest ship ever built—up to that point.

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