October 2014 DuraNews

What is Scarier than Ghosts and the Unexplainable?

A plate moves on the table seemingly on its own. A door slams unaccountably while the air is still. A short breath streaks across the back of your neck. Items disappear and reappear. Shadows, ghosts, haunted houses, cat-sized spiders, and all things scary and creepy in life become a trending topic in October. Innocent talk of terror during this damp and darkened month rolling us toward winter is thrilling for some.

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I Wear Eyewear (I Swear!)

I don't need eyewear for this task, it's a quick one. It would take more time to grab the glasses from wherever they're at, than it would to just do this real quick. It's not that risky anyway. Nothing bad's happened to me before. And anyway the goggles are uncomfortable.

These are the kind of phrases that go through our heads…and the kind of rationalizations we could spend the rest of our lives regretting.

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Get Your Message Across with Echo

Do you ever wish you could make your voice heard more effectively, reaching your audience instead of just getting lost in the noise? That’s where Echo comes in. Echo is a new large-format printer and enlarger, designed to make your visual communication effective, easy, and fast — at a price that lets you create what you need, when you need it.

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