November 2014 DuraNews

Have You Built a Kanban Board? Here's How

Practicing efficiency is no longer considered being ahead of the curve; it's a necessity of business and life. If you are not efficient in your daily work life, then you may wash up as a half-drowned rat breathing heavily on the banks of our fast-paced culture—at best. Navigating through processes quickly and efficiently is critical not only for survival, but to create positive experiences for your customers and colleagues.

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Floor Marking: End the Chaos

A few months ago I walked into a coffee shop and witnessed chaos. There was a long counter with two people taking orders but customers didn't know where the line or lines should form; everyone entering had to ask everyone else, "Are you in line?" There was no designated place for people to wait for orders either. I realized it would take me five minutes just to determine my place in line, so I left. For want of a few yards of floor marking tape, this shop lost a customer.

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Those Things’ll Kill You: Airborne Particulates

Airborne dust, or particulates, can be a problem at a variety of worksites. Inhaling these particulates can cause effects from an annoying cough or two all the way to life-altering sickness like chronic bronchitis or cancer. As a result, people have tried to limit their exposure to dust in the workplace in a variety of ways.

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