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DuraLabel Oily Surface Tape

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Now there's a tape designed to deliver superior adhesion to oily surfaces — even in the most difficult labeling conditions.

DuraLabel Oily Surface Tapes come with a specially formulated adhesive to aggressively adhere to greasy, grimy surfaces. Signs and labels can now be reliably applied even on surfaces generously coated with both dirt and WD-40. Even where surfaces are impossible to keep clean, a tough polyester face stock protects signs from grimy work environments.

With the DuraLabel 9000's new large format sizes, oily surface tapes can be printed in sizes up to 7 inches wide for larger labeling needs. Engineered to react with petroleum based surface contaminants and produce a strong and lasting bond, this supply provides reliable service in dirty work environments. The bond is the result of a chemical reaction produced when contact is made with oil or grease products.

Use to label machine parts, drum storage, hazardous material storage, marine environments, recycling projects and environmental clean ups. Suitable for use in most manufacturing and automotive labeling applications and ideal for barcoding. Available in white and 4 to 7 inch widths.

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