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DuraLabel Supplies - Valve Tags
DuraLabel Supplies - Valve Tags
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DuraLabel Supplies - Valve Tags

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Heavy Duty Valve Tags help make your facility safe by eliminating confusion, reducing search time and cutting down the potential for accidents.

DuraLabel label printers inexpensively and easily create customized valve tags for your facility. You can quickly make your valve tags in a variety of colors and sizes directly from your PC!

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DuraLabel Valve Tag Kits

DuraLabel PRO valve tags provide a rigid base onto which labels can be applied. They include information identifying the valve, and may also be used to provide operating instructions, safety warnings, maintenance requirements and other information.

Equipment and devices can be color coded using various combinations of valve tag colors and vinyl tape colors. Valve tags are attached to valves and other devices using either plastic or metal ties.

HEAVY DUTY DuraLabel PRO Valve Tags

DuraLabel PRO valve tags are a heavy-duty design that produces durable, long-lasting valve tags. They are available in two sizes:

  • 2.25" X 3.75"
  • 3.375" X 4.75"

DuraLabel PRO heavy-duty valve tags are available in seven colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange and green. They are available in packages of ten tags.

In addition to being used for labeling valves, DuraLabel valve tags are used to label other devices such as actuators, transmitters and instruments. They can be used to label plants, identify containers and label work in progress. There are used for both temporary and permanent labeling applications.

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*Note: The smallest tape that will fit in the DuraLabel 7000 printer is a 4" tape. Some trimming of the tape may be required for the label to fit on the valve tag.

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