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DuraLabel reflective tapes are designed to provide high readability under poor visibility conditions.

Use reflective tapes to make signs and labels that can be read in low light environments.

Reflective indoor/outdoor, adhesive backed vinyl comes in 70 ft. rolls. The standard widths are 1", 2 ", 3" and 4 ". DuraLabel PRO reflective vinyl tapes are available in the colors shown below.

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Reflective Tape Colors

White Reflective
Red Reflective
Yellow Reflective
Green Reflective
Blue Reflective
Purple Reflective

Special Order Reflective Tape Colors

(Minimum purchase may be required)

Kelly Green Reflective
Black Reflective
Brown Reflective
Gold Reflective
New Gold Reflective
Burgundy Reflective
Tomato Red Reflective
Warm Red Reflective
Dark Red Reflective
Olympic Blue Reflective
Light Blue Reflective
Reflective Signs

Use reflective labels on utility poles or equipment that needs to be viewed from a distance. Their high visibility makes them easy to spot and read.

Use reflective tapes to make traffic control and parking signs. Tapes can be tiled together to make larger signs.

The example to the left shows a parking lot sign made using reflective tape and photographed at night using light from a car's headlights. As you can see the reflective sign is bright, clear and easy to read. This particular sign is a larger format sign (22" x 20") made from five strips of four inch DuraLabel PRO reflective tape. The header is made from two strips of yellow reflective tape. The body of the sign is made from three strips of white reflective tape.

DuraLabel PRO reflective vinyl tapes can be used to identify hazards, buildings, vehicles, trailers, boats and heavy equipment. DuraLabel PRO tapes are weather resistant and can be used outdoors.

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