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The DuraLabel LabPRO is specially designed to help you meet the labeling needs of your medical workplace.

Easily print professional looking, durable labels and signs for medical facilities and laboratories with preformatted templates.

Choose from over 20 medical labeling supplies to print everything from HazCom to cryogenic specimen labels.

In-house label and sign printing can make your workplace safer and more efficient, while complying with NFPA, OSHA and ASHE codes.

Learn how to clean your DuraLabel LabPRO and load supplies with our online videos.

Prints labels in ANY language!

  • NFPA 99 Compliant Pipe Marking Supplies
  • OSHA/NFPA/RTK/ASHE Compliant HazCom
  • Cryogenic Slide Labeling For Lab Work
  • Facility And Lab Efficiency Labeling
  • Lab Hazard Visual Communication
  • Long-Term Durability
  • Saves Money!

Print what you design!

LABEL HAZARDOUS FACILITY LOCATIONS: Backup generators, heat exchangers, pipes and many other hazardous locations deserve compliant medical HazCom.

ENSURE LABEL & SIGN COMPLIANCE: There are literally hundreds of labeling codes and standards medical facilities must meet (i.e. OSHA, NFPA, ASHE, etc.).

PRINT DURABLE LABELS IN-HOUSE: It's never a good idea to pay someone else to print generic labels on inferior materials for your facility.

LabPRO Supplies

LAB SLIDE LABELING: Application-specific and color coded labels provide improved specimen organization.

SPECIMENS BARCODING: Barcoding makes high volume record keeping a snap.

ON DEMAND LABELING: Ensure specimens are easily identifiable with label information you enter in.

Popular Medical Labeling Supplies

With the DuraLabel LabPRO, you'll have a medical label and sign printer that never sits idle because it can handle such a wide range of labeling duties. The result is a great return on your investment!

Check out these Medical supplies:

LabPRO NFPA 99 Pipe Marking

Get your FREE Medical Gas Pipe Marking Quick Reference Guide!

For more information about the DuraLabel LabPRO, or to order by phone, call Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244. Use our online form to reach us via e-mail or request literature. We typically answer our e-mails within one business day.

The DuraLabel LabPRO

LabPRO Printer

The DuraLabel LabPRO is one of the most versatile medical label printers available. 300 dpi thermal transfer resolution provides the quality and durability to print to a wide selection of sign and label supplies.

Print everything from medical wayfinding signs to medical equipment labels. Even "industrial grade" facility pipe markers can be printed from the convenience of your workstation PC or laptop.

In modern medical facilities and laboratories, the list of LabPRO applications is only limited by your staff's imagination.

The LabPRO's simple, yet sturdy design can be trusted for high volume label printing and lasting signage. 300 DPI "no smudge" printing gives supplies the necessary clarity for a professional look — again and again.

For complete details, call a DuraLabel Representative at 1-888-326-9244. They can help answer your questions and create the right package for your medical facility or laboratory.

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