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DuraLabel Printer Drivers

This page has the manuals and the drivers for the DuraLabel Lobo, DuraLabel Toro, DuraLabel 2000, DuraLabel PRO, DuraLabel PRO 300, DuraLabel 4000, DuraLabel 7000, DuraLabel 9000 and DuraLabel 4TTP printers.

If you are looking for DuraSuite or Industrial Labeling Software (ILS) updates (click here)

Determine the error of your DuraLabel Desktop printer. When troubleshooting the DuraLabel printer and working with the DuraLabel Tech Support department, download the Diagnostic Tool when specified by the technician.

Universal DuraLabel Driver

Download Driver

Driver compatible with all DuraLabel Printer models. Please be patient while file downloads.

Other Downloads

Symbols File Viewer

(32 bit operating systems, Filename: EMFThumbsSetup.msi (328 KB)) download allows customers to view symbol files in their browser window.

Symbols File Viewer

(Filename: EMFThumbsSetup-x64,msi (329 kb)). For 64 bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. IT Administrative Privileges and a computer restart after the installation process are required to install the Symbols File Viewer.

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*NOTE: You need Administrative Rights to install these drivers. Many computer users confuse Administrative Rights with the ability to use the machine. In order to find out if you actually have Administrative Rights, do the following:

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double click users and find out which group your logon name falls in. If it doesn't say "Administrators", then you don't have the ability to install a DuraLabel printer driver to your system and will need to call your IT department to install it.

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