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Workplace Signs

OSHA Best Practices Guide
OSHA Safety Signs Best Practices Guides

Written by Steve Hudgik

The three “E's” of workplace signs.

Adapt your workplace signs to an always changing workplace.

Create custom workplace signs to inform employees, contractors, inspectors and visitors about hazards and locations in your workplace.

Have workplace signs that are fully in compliance with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA and other standards and codes.

How do you accomplish this easily, economically and effectively?  By having the three E's of workplace signs.

Easily – this means having a sign printer that is simple to load and use. There must be plenty of room for even someone with large hands to change and install supplies.  And it must be sign printer that works with a variety of software, so you can use the software that you already know how to use.

Safety Sign Best Practices Guide

A complete reference guide to OSHA Sign Making

Economically – you want to get a good price when buying a sign printer, but there is more to having an  economical sign printer than just the price.  The man hours used to make and install signs are a much greater cost than the printer and supplies.  This means you need a sign printer that is:

arc flash workplace label
  1. Is easy to use and load.
  2. Prints quickly (little non-productive waiting time).
  3. Makes signs that last (signs that don't need to be frequently replaced).
  4. Supported by the manufacturer such that you can get expert answers to questions ASAP, without needing to pay for a service contract.
  5. Made by a company you can trust.  This means a company that answers their phone and quickly gets you to a live person.  This means a company that has proven it supports and backs their products for the long term.  This means a company you know will be around tomorrow, next year and in the next decade.

Effectively – to produce workplace signs effectively means having effective signs. These are signs that are made using ANSI compliant colors and symbols.  These are signs that are large enough to be read from a safe distance.  These are signs that are clearly printed and easy to read and understand.  These are signs that can be mounted in the places where they are needed (which may require placing them on hot/cold surfaces, in harsh environments, or other difficult locations).  This means having workplace signs that last – signs that do not fall off, chip, fade or peel.

workplace label

The way to have all three E's is to have a DuraLabel sign printer.  DuraLabel sign printers meet all of the above criteria and more.  In addition to the above DuraLabel sign printers are rugged and designed for the real workplace.  They have more types of supplies available than any other sign printer.  And they come with the DuraSuite software for easy sign printing or you can use any software you already have on your computer.

DuraLabel printers give you the three E's of workplace sign printing and more.  Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about the special DuraLabel sign making kits.  You'll be glad you did.


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