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OSHA Audit Checklist - Lockout / Tagout Compliance

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Written by Steve Hudgik

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is a crucial part of safety. The OSHA standard that covers LOTO is 29CFR 1910.147. It applies to the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment in which an unexpected energization or start up, or the release of stored energy, could harm employees. The 1910.147 standard only applies to the control of energy during servicing or maintenance of machines and equipment. Normal production operations are not covered by this OSHA standard.

The 1910.147 standard requires employers to establish a program and utilize procedures for affixing appropriate lockout devices or tags to energy isolating devices, and to otherwise disable machines or equipment to prevent unexpected energization, start up, or release of stored energy in order to prevent injury to employees.

The OSHA Audit Checklist below is used to evaluate overall compliance with 1910.147. There should be separate checklists providing the procedures for performing the actual locking out or tagging out.

OSHA Audit Checklist - Lockout / Tagout Compliance

The most widely accepted way to identify hazards is to conduct a physical safety and health inspection in which someone goes out and looks at every part of a piping system.  The only way to be certain of an actual situation is to look at your complete piping system from time to time.

Below is a checklist designed to assist you in self-inspection of pipe markers. The checklist can help you identify areas where you need to begin taking action to make your business safer. The checklist is not necessarily all-inclusive and some things on the checklist may not apply to your workplace. Or you may need to add additional items to your checklist. Remember that a pipe marking checklist is a tool to help, not a definitive statement of what is mandatory. Use this pipe marking checklist only for guidance.

Lockout/Tagout Checklist

□ Is there a written lockout/tagout program for the facility?

□  Is all machinery or equipment capable of movement required to be de-energized or disengaged and blocked or locked out during cleaning, servicing, adjusting, or setting up operations?

□ If the power disconnect for equipment does not also disconnect the electrical control circuit, are the appropriate electrical enclosures identified and is a means provided to ensure that the control circuit can also be disconnected and locked out?

□ Is the locking out of control circuits instead of locking out main power disconnects prohibited?

□ Are all equipment control valve handles provided with a means for locking out?

□ Does the lockout procedure require that stored energy (mechanical, hydraulic, air, etc.) be released or blocked before equipment is locked out for repairs?'

□ Are appropriate employees provided with individually keyed personal safety locks?

□ Are employees required to keep personal control of their key(s) while they have safety locks in use?

□ Is it required that only the employee exposed to the hazard can place or remove the safety lock?

□ Is it required that employees check the safety of the lockout by attempting a startup after making sure no one is exposed?

□ Are employees instructed to always push the control circuit stop button prior to re-energizing the main power switch?

□ Is there a means provided to identify any or all employees who are working on locked-out equipment by their locks or accompanying tags?

□ Are a sufficient number of accident prevention signs or tags and safety padlocks provided for any reasonably foreseeable repair emergency?

□ When machine operations, configuration, or size require an operator to leave the control station and part of the machine could move if accidentally activated, is the part required to be separately locked out or blocked?

□If equipment or lines cannot be shut down, locked out and tagged, is a safe job procedure established and rigidly followed?

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