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The Lucky 13 - Funny Safety Photos

Written by Steve Hudgik

There are many top ten funny safety photo web pages out there. After after working in safety related jobs since 1974, and working on the web for nearly two decades. These are my top ten favorite "funny" safety photos, plus three addition "bonus" funny safety photos. I call these the lucky 13. I look at these and wonder, "How could somebody do that?"

Working at Heights

Funny Safety Photo #1 - Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

skyscraper construction safety

This photo is a famous image called “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper.” In the 1930's construction workers walked the steel girders of the RCA building without safety equipment. This photo, with 11 men sitting on a girder 850 feet above the ground, was taken on September 20, 1932.

This photo takes my breath away. I image walking out on the girder. Then having to squat down and move into a sitting position with my feet dangling 850 above the ground. Then I'd need to let go and casually sit there. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Funny Safety Photo #2 - Connecting The Air Conditioner

air conditioner seat

Just how strong is the bracket the holds the air conditioner in place?

Funny Safety Photo #3 - Changing the spark plugs

mid-air spark plug change

I once read that the spark plugs in early airplanes had very short lives. A spark plug would fail while the plane was in flight and the pilot would climb out to change it without landing. I don't know if that is what this pilot is doing, but I'd have brought along a parachute in addition to a spare spark plug.

Helping Co-Workers

How well do you trust your co-workers?

The next two pictures show people who put a lot of trust in those they work with.

Funny Safety Photo #4

ship yard safety

Is the three-to-one ratio the OSHA approved ratio for holding a plank in place? And is that a scaffolding grade plank?

Funny Safety Photo #5

air conditioner teamwork

Does having a second person hold onto a corner of your shirt make this a safe practice?

Funny Safety Photo #6

stick brace seat

What exactly is holding those sticks in place?

When You Need Strength

What would you do when a ladder is not quite long enough?

Funny Safety Photo #7

man strength ladder

These guys have their hard hats on, so that means this is safe... right?

Just how long could you hold up that ladder?

Funny Safety Photo #8

prop up the rock

Is there anything to be concerned about here? How many safety issues can you spot in this picture? Maybe we need the guy holding up the ladder (above) to come hold this rock in place.

Funny Safety Photo #9

make shift head gear

I'll give this guy some credit for ingenuity. It may be that a hard hat is not available and this at least provides some protection.

Funny Safety Photo #10

taget practice volunteer

Just doing what the sergeant told me to do. Are they using real bullets today?

Three Bonus Funny Safety Pictures

Funny Safety Photo #11

ladder too short

Best available technology for changing a light bulb.

Funny Safety Photo #12 - Lending a helping hand

two forklifts

What could go wrong? And they're getting the job done. Isn't that what the boss wanted?

Funny Safety Photo #13 - Make your own shade.

excavator shade

You'd need to have worked in a tropical climate to understand that shade is more important than safety.

The Lucky 13 Funny Safety Photos

We call these funny safety photos, but there is nothing funny about them. In each case people thought that what they did was a good idea. In one case, #9 above, it might have actually been a good idea, if he had no other option. But none of these are actually funny. They remind us not to take chances. What seems like a good idea at the time, may lead to your death. Think before you act. Always think safety and use DuraLabel printers and tough-tested supplies to make the signs and labels that continually remind workers about safety.

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