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Written by Steve Hudgik

There needs to be a balance in the workplace between standard (generic) safety signs and custom signs.

Standard signs warn about common hazards in an a way that is easy to understand and the familiarity of the sign can be used to cause the correct response. Danger! Stay Away! delivers a very plain and easy-to-understand message.

Custom signs are most effective when there is the possibility of some uncertainty, or when there is something different or unusual. For example, a custom sign would be used to warn about the specific dangers associated with a machine. This type of custom safety sign may even include a graphic or symbol that is specific to the machine. But custom signs can go beyond warning about dangers. Safety involves doing things correctly, so custom signs and labels are used to provide operating and maintenance instructions right at the location where that information is needed. That makes it convenient and hard to miss. These, of course, must be custom signs made specifically for each machine or location.

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Use Custom Signs When There Is The Potential For Uncertainty

A sign that says “Danger! Keep Door Closed” Seems like it is plain and easy to obey.  But what if a supervisor tells a new employee to go out and bring in the cart with the gas bottles.  And the supervisors points in the general direction of a door with a sign that says “Danger! Keep Door Closed.”  The new employee thinks, “He must have wanted me to go through that door.” and based on that assumption opens the door and enters...  Would it not have been better to have a custom sign that said, “Danger!  Keep Door Closed.  Arc Flash Explosion Hazard.  PPE Required.”

Custom signs provide additional information that help workers understand the danger and the reason for the sign. That eliminates assumptions and leads to a safer workplace.

custom caution sign

But, don't custom signs cost more?

Not if you have a DuraLabel sign printer.  With a DuraLabel printer your standard generic signs will cost less than purchasing them from an outside vendor.  And your custom signs don't cost any extra.  Making a custom sign is the same as making a generic sign.  You save money and get have more effective safety signs.

DuraLabel is the leader in industrial grade label and sign printers, and is the only one who offers a five year warranty on the signs you make.  Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about the special DuraLabel sign making kits. You'll be glad you did.

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