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Warehouse Management Systems Rely on Clear, Accurate Labeling

warehouse labeling

A warehouse management system coordinates the receipt, movement and storage of goods and materials. Picking, packing, shipping, receiving and put away activities must operate in sync for the organization to remain competitive. The complex juggling act requires research and a lot of intricate planning to keep a warehouse operation running smoothly.

Data Capture and Identification

Goods are constantly moving into, out of and through a warehouse facility. Barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs and radio frequency identification systems continuously monitor the movement of materials and provide management with up to date inventory status reports.

As sophisticated as warehouse management systems have become, their high tech operations rely more than ever on identifying signs and labels to ensure accurate data entry. Locations within a warehouse and the inventories they contain must be clearly identified and labeled to provide the system with correct information.

It's Not Easy Being a Warehouse Sign

Warehouses are beehives of activity that create enormous stress on labels and signs. Warehouse signage must withstand constant jostling, provide easy-to-read location information, stand up to extreme physical and atmospheric conditions, and be printed on many types of materials. Not every sign can endure such a rigorous lifestyle.

Because a warehouse's environment is so demanding, labels and signs need to be resilient, easy to read from a distance, and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. That's where thermal transfer printing (TTP) comes in.

TTP prints clearly, and creates chemical and abrasion resistant labels that are suitable for almost any setting. TTP accommodates larger label supply from which you can create signage that can be read easily in warehouse and manufacturing environments. TTP is the indisputable choice for high quality, durable warehouse signs of virtually any size, for almost any condition.

Many Needs, Many Applications

Warehouse management systems depend on accurate information, and a lot of it. From getting a clear fix on capital items, to correctly identifying the types of maintenance and distribution equipment, to receiving accurate inventory location information, these systems require input that's comprehensive and reliable. Labeling and signage play important roles in delivering the raw data needed for warehouse management systems to perform their many complex tasks.

Here are some examples of how signage provides data that's vital to the operation of warehouse management systems:

Distribution Applications

  • Pallet Labels
  • Product Pick Labels
  • Equipment Labels
  • Vehicle Labels
  • Barcoding
  • Office Directories

Maintenance Applications

  • Chemical Storage
  • Cleaning Solvents
  • Repair Tags
  • Precaution Signs
  • Parts Identification

General Applications

  • Pipe Marking
  • Safety Signs
  • Right to Know (RTK) Labels
  • Wayfinding
  • Warehousing
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Limited light Conditions

DuraLabel Printers for Any Application

Graphic Products is the world's leading company for TTP printers. Its products are made especially for the rugged conditions found in warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

  • DuraLabel PRO - Fastest printing speeds
  • DuraLabel PRO 300 - Higher print resolution than DuraLabel PRO
  • DuraLabel 2000 - Portable handheld label printer, with soft key menu and large LCD display
  • DuraLabel 4000 - Small, affordable, easy-to-use desktop label printer, featuring straightforward supply loading
  • DuraLabel 7000 - Wide format; prints labels up to 7 inches wide
  • DuraLabel 9000 - Wide format; prints labels up to 9 inches wide in a higher resolution
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