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DuraLabel Labels In Sports

DuraLabel labels are used any place where durable, weather resistant, easy-to-read labels and signs are needed.

DuraLabel labels at a golf tournament

Labeling is one of those things that, if it is working right, you may not even notice it. That's the way DuraLabel is in sports. You may be seeing labels made by a DuraLabel printer, but you don't even notice they are there.

Here's an example from June 2010.

A DuraLabel PRO printer and DuraLabel's Industrial Labeling Software* was used to make the labels that provide the information on this golf tournament leader board.

The labels are white vinyl with a magnetic backing. This allows them to be repositioned as needed. Because they are DuraLabel they are resistant to rain, wind, sunlight, scratching, smearing and will look good even with the regular handling that results from constant changes on the leader board.

DuraLabel labels are also economical and fast to make.

Because you are buying direct from the manufacturer you can get both high quality and great value.

Golf score
  • There are more types of supplies available for DuraLabel printers than for any other printer.
  • DuraLabel printers are designed for quality, and every DuraLabel printer is fully tested before it ships.
  • The DuraLabel test labs test and evaluate DuraLabel supplies to be sure they exceed specifications.

That's why DuraLabel is known as the printer that gets the job done, and gets it done right — whether it is a major tournament or a local competition.

DuraLabel Magnetic Supply was used to make the above sign.

DuraLabel labels were used to number the target area for a local shooting competition for kids - see below.

Local shooting contest for kids

*The Industrial Labeling Software has since been upgraded and renamed as the DuraSuite Software. Contact your Graphic Products customer service representative about an upgrade.

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