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Safety Signs and Labels Required
In The Mining Industry

We all know the importance of communicating safety information in the mining industry at the point of need, and that the most effective way to do that is by using safety signs and labels. But that information must be communicated in an effective way such that the message is not ignored. The best way to accomplish that is by using site specific signs that give your signs and labels the exact message you want to portray to the work force.

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MSHA prefers that site specific signs be used for two reasons:

1. The safety message, or company policy communicated by the sign is specific to the mine and your employees.

2. How long does it take you to get a safety sign, when you need the sign today? Having an on-site printer allows you to respond to an accident that is waiting to happen. Don't wait days to get a new sign, leaving employees exposed to a potential safety hazard that is not properly and fully identified and communicated. You can make the signs you need with an on-site DuraLabel 9000 sign printer.

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Every manager is responsible for safety and signs - production, the various maintenance departments, continuous improvement, exploration, training and safety. But no manager wants to waste money or time. Having a DuraLabel printer on-site improves safety and delivers savings.

  • When you need hundreds of signs, why wait weeks and weeks? With a DuraLabel printer you can quickly make all the signs you need, when you need them.
  • Why buy 40 signs when you only need two or three? With a DuraLabel printer you can make just the signs you need, when you need them.
  • By purchasing signs from an outside supplier you are paying 300% to 500% more than you need to pay. With a DuraLabel printer you'll dramatically cut your costs. Let us prove this to you by comparing the cost per sign. You will be utterly amazed at the cost difference. A recent mine site just did this comparison. They were paying $65.00 for a 8"x12" custom sign. Delivery time was six weeks. The DL9000 made the exact same sign for $3.83 and they posted hundreds of them starting that very same day.
  • If MSHA is on-site and you need a new sign NOW, with a DuraLabel printer you can make most signs in under ten minutes.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today for more information about DuraLabel printers.

Click below to read these MSHA best practices:

The DuraLabel 9000 is the printer mines have been selecting as the sign making machine that gets the job done, and gets it done right. Here are just a few reasons:

Printing Large Format Danger Signs with a DuraLabel 9000

  • The DuraLabel 9000 prints text and graphics up to nine inches high. It can easily make labels as small as 4" x 6" as well as signs on which each line of text is nine inches tall. (Other DuraLabel printers are available for printing smaller sized labels.)
  • The DuraLabel 9000 is versatile. It prints safety signs, arc flash labels & signs, RTK labels & signs, LOTO tags and signs, traffic control signs, high visibility reflective signs and more.
  • The DuraLabel 9000 is fast and easy-to-use. Small signs can be printed in just a few minutes. Large signs can typically be printed in about ten minutes.
  • The DuraLabel 9000 is backed by unbeatable customer service. You can call to ask questions whenever you need help (5:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, except holidays). We provide toll-free consultation on tricky or unique labeling situations, or with understanding OSHA and ANSI standards. Do you need to respond to MSHA? We're here to help. For example, we've worked with mines to design custom sign templates to meet changing MSHA requirements. This is part of our normal customer service.
  • Same day shipping. Do you need supplies or a printer fast? Were set up to handle next day air shipments to get you what you need ASAP.
  • Experience. We're here to answer your calls and provide help when you need it — right now. We provide application support and free same day consulting services. Put our extensive experience to work for you.

Call 1-888-326-9244 right now to learn more about DuraLabel printers.

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