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Military helicopters and pilot

DuraLabel delivers to meet the special needs of military labeling.

When the Navy needed Materiel Condition Labels complying with NAVSUP P-805/P-807, they turned to DuraLabel. We created five Materiel Condition Code tags in an adhesive backed format. After extensive development and testing with direct oversight and input by the NAVAIR Missile Sentencing Team Lead and Navy Operational Logistics Support Center (NOLSC) Ammo Sentencing Program Manager, Graphic Products has DD Forms 1577-2, 1575, 1574, 1576, and 1577 available in a UV/Chemical resistant, adhesive backed Vinyl label stock.

Whatever your labeling or sign making needs, trust DuraLabel to deliver. We are the only custom label printer manufacturer that has over 50 types of supplies available. And we are the only custom label manufacturer that offers a five year warranty for Premium Vinyl.

DuraLabel supplies are also excellent for conventional labeling applications such as pipe markers, arc flash labels and RTK labels. Whatever your labeling needs call DuraLabel to get the job done right.

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