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Lab Technicians

Laboratories can be very dangerous places in terms of chemicals and other hazardous materials. Labeling the doors outside of laboratories as well as the items within, will inform personnel the dangers of the hazards they may be approaching. All refrigerators, containers, equipment, etc must be labeled if there is a potential risk of exposure, spill, or other harm.

Common laboratory labeling applications include:

  • VialWRAP
  • Cryogenic Label Supply
  • Frozen Specimen Label Supply
  • Laboratory Tamper Evident Supply
  • Write-On Medical Label Supply
  • Universal Medical Label Supply
  • Repositionable Label Supply
  • Extended-Life Vinyl
  • Photoluminescent (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Get the full list from our free Medical Gas Pipe Marking guide.

Use the DuraLabel LabPRO to create your own customized laboratory pipe markers, facility safety signs and laboratory labels. This will help reduce the cost and time delay associated with ordering from an outside service.

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