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DuraLabel LabPRO Hospital Labeling Kit

DuraLabel 4TTP label printer

A special DuraLabel labeling and sign making package for hospitals is available. It includes the DuraLabel LabPRO thermal transfer printer, DuraLabel software, templates and symbols, and the vinyl labeling tapes most commonly used in hospitals. (See below for a detailed list.)

Using the DuraLabel label printer will save you 50% on your cost of labeling supplies*. With this special DuraLabel Hospital Package you save even more!

Why is labeling important?

Medical gases that are not produced and handled in accordance with CGMP regulations can cause serious injury or death to the patients who use them. A number of injuries and deaths have resulted from mix-ups of medical gases associated with CGMP violations, including:

  • Mislabeling (in some cases the container had two or more labels)
  • Inadequate training, including training of medical gas filling personnel as well as delivery personnel.
  • Inadequate finished product testing
  • Inadequate quality control unit
  • Failure to qualify equipment prior to use (e.g. stainless steel hoses, large cryogenic containers)
  • Inadequate written procedures for manufacturing, processing and testing.
Medical Gas Labels

Hospital Color Codes

The following colors are used by the medical gas industry in the U.S. to identify a medical gas.

  • Carbon Dioxide - Gray
  • Helium - Brown
  • Medical Air - Yellow
  • Nitrogen - Black
  • Nitrous Oxide - Blue

In addition to medical gas labeling, the DuraLabel can do a whole lot more. The DuraLabel LabPRO label and sign printer is highly versatile thermal transfer label printer. It can print on vinyl tapes, die cut labels and a wide range of specialized materials. Use it to make RTK labels, make wire markers for computer and electrical systems, to label doors, and to make directional signs. It's 300 dpi printing produces crisp, clear, easy to read labels and signs that are durable. Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 to order or for more information. Or use the button below to order online.

All vinyl tapes are industrial grade vinyl that meets or exceed industry standards.

*Savings of 30-50% on the regular cost of supplies vs. comparable industrial labelers results from the savings you get by purchasing DuraLabel supplies direct from the manufacturer.

**The contents of the Hospital labeling package have been selected based on the most frequently used supplies. The package contents are subject to change at any time and without notice. Give us a call at 1-888-326-9244 to verify the Hospital labeling package contents, or to inquire about supply substitutions

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